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Perhaps the Last Jumbo Package Ever...At Least Until Monday (Poll)

Help RBR rename The Jumbo Package. Well, maybe.

On our first day taking over RBR we said this would be a blog "For the people, by the people". Well today is the day we live up to our word.

As you know, we have been thinking about changing the name of our daily link dump (yes that is what it's called). And yesterday I asked the community to throw out some ideas. Some suggestions were really good and some shall we say.. very RBR'ish. Irregardless (I've been wanting to use that word for a couple days now) thank you to everyone who threw out some ideas but sadly we can't name it "The Positive Self Gratification Morning Tide Circle Jerk Interwebs;Processed Rammer Jammer Alabamer" (Has a ring to it, though)

After careful consideration here were our favorites:

The Morning Gump - I like this one cause the word "Gump" is one of my all-time favs and well it is posted in the morning.

Crimson Tide-ings - The mix of Crimson (the greatest color ever) and Tidings is pretty solid.

The Jumbo Package - I have nothing against the name and I would have no problem with it sticking around.

After the jump is the poll and starting Monday the winner will take its rightful place in Roll 'Bama Roll history. Of course if y'all don't pick my favorite I reserve the right to disregard the poll and choose which ever one I want. #Todd'd

Link dump:

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Report: Ozzie Newsome not expected to leave Ravens for Alabama AD job |

CECIL HURT: Real passion for UA made Moore's dream come true

Alabama's track and field program revamped under Waters

Alabama Baseball bullpen finishes after early scoring burst |