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Alabama Football Friday Reflection: Beating Spurrier Twice Was SWEET

A season that was a shining light just before the darkness..

"Light is good from whatever lamp it shines"

No one could have predicted or imagined what would transpire from 2000-2006 and honestly I plead to god daily to eradicate the memories of those years forever from my mind. Sadly, he hasn't heard my cries.. yet.

Sure there were some great memories, like this and this and this... And we'll always have Joe Kines but these are about all the "highlights" I care to see from that rather dreadful time in Alabama football history. Thank the lord we have these to watch on constant repeat.

So today we look back at the season many forget about because you know.. 3 out of 4 BABY! 1999 came before all the unpleasantness that was NCAA investigations and sanctions, coaching changes and scandals. It truly was the calm before the storm. 'Bama finished 10-3, beat UF and more importantly Spurrier twice in the same season, oh yeah Shaun Alexander and Freddie Milons, won the SEC for the first time since 1992 and almost added an Orange Bowl victory to boot.

At the time of the regular season game against Florida I was a Junior in High School living in Florida (still do) and was working at a Pizza Hut just to make some money on Saturdays.. I had to work during the 2nd half of the game and missed the 3rd quarter entirely. When I got to work I volunteered to wash dishes because I would be able to listen to the game in the wash room. I remember vividly screaming expletives when we missed the extra point in OT and then running out of the back screaming ROLL TIDE (in the restaurant) and then decided to run around the building again screaming ROLL TIDE.

About a week later, I was making a pizza and this Gator Gump lady came in the restaurant decked out in UF gear. Because I was a cocky S.O.B. at the time (nothing has changed really) I thought it would be funny to give her a good ole Roll Tide with the biggest shit-eating grin you've ever seen. She didn't take it that well and tried to get me fired.

So happy Friday everyone, enjoy the videos below and by all means add your own memories in the comments.