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The Alabama Crimson Tide Jumbo Package │03.28.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide and Sports related links and quotes

Obsessed much?
Obsessed much?

Exclusive Interview With Marcus Lattimore as He Gets Ready for South Carolina's Pro Timing Day - Garnet And Black Attack

"To tell you the truth, I wasn’t on a strict diet at all," Lattimore said of his approach to nutrition during his first rehabilitation process in an exclusive interview with Garnet And Black Attack.Lattimore tore his a ligament in his left knee against Mississippi State in October 2011, 377 days prior to the right knee injury he sustained last year. "In college, it was really up to you. But nutrition has been a big part of my [latest] recovery. I’m really excited to be working with EAS Sports Nutrition. I have a better understanding of what you need to eat and how you need to recover and what you need to do before workouts.".

Not gonna lie...this boggles the mind. As a person who has lived and breathed (and in many ways I still do) fitness and nutrition for the past 4 years, I can't believe that a player of his status and who plays at a high profile University would not be given a strict diet/ recovery plan the first go around. If you want your body to recovery properly, you have to feed it properly. You'd think the USCe trainers would have, you know, known about this..

New record for most letters sent to a college football recruit at once? -

Mark Stoops is acclimating well to his new conference, and he may have just set a letter-sending record.

Remember that weird girl (or for you ladies, boy) from High School or Middle School that use to send you letters like once a day, stare at you all the time, write your name a billion times on her my little pony trapper keeper and all around just seem a little crazy obsessive? Yeah Kentucky that's you right now and nobody likes that person.

Notre Dame football transfers: Attrition hits 2012 Irish recruiting class -

Gone is Gunner Kiel, who sat behind three other quarterbacks in 2012. He announced in early March that he would transfer after the semester. According to numerous sources, Kiel seemed to bristle at having to compete for a job. He was, after all, a five-star recruit and the No. 1 rated pro-style passer in the country. Kiel, an Indiana native, had previously committed to Indiana and to LSU. He is the recruit LSU head coach Les Miles famously described as lacking "the chest and ability to lead a program."

and also

Oversigning Tin Foil Hat Society: Notre Dame - Roll 'Bama Roll

WAIT! I thought only those bad guys of the SEC West ran players off! "Notre Dame has lost two more members from its 2012 recruiting class with the announcement that receivers Davonte' Neal and Justin Ferguson have left the team...

I hope that 42-14 score didn't hurt too bad ND fans because it may be the last time you see your team in the National Title game during your lifetime. #HarshTruths

Suddenly a grizzled veteran, Deion Belue embraces leadership role in Alabama secondary |

The time has certainly flown by for Belue, who is suddenly the "old guy" one year after he was the "new guy." "It feels like you have that step ahead," Belue said last week, "but then you have to get the other players to catch up with you so we can all mesh together."

This is encouraging coming from a guy who was "picked" on a lot by opposing offenses last year. We need him to be the guy. Let's hope Belue has turned the corner..

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Alabama softball beats Houston on Traina's homers |

Defense has been a big key in the Alabama baseball team's 5-1 start in the SEC |

Four-star 2014 OL Rod Taylor has been on Alabama's radar a long time |

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