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Monday Musings: Johnny, Jackie, Rodman's wacky

One man's thoughts on recent events, Bama sports, and various nonsense.

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  • I have a feeling we will all be sick of Johnny Football by the time he leaves College Station. His play attracts enough hype- I don't need to know who he's dating, how much he won gambling, where he parties in which costumes, etc. Add in the name trademark deal forcing a response from the NCAA along with the "news" that he is taking online classes only this semester (who cares?) and the term "insufferable" comes to mind. I've had enough Johnny already, and he has three more years of eligibility...

  • Will Jackie Traina graduate as the most decorated athlete in Alabama history? Coming into her junior season she had two All-America selections, an SEC tournament MVP award, an SEC Pitcher of the Year award, and a WCWS MOP award won while leading the team to its first-ever national title. At week's end she had three shutouts on the season for an undefeated top-ranked team, putting herself in position to potentially repeat in each of those categories. Nothing short of amazing...

  • The year just keeps getting rougher for the NCAA. First there was news of the suit filed by the state of Pennsylvania challenging the Penn State sanctions along with the embarrassing Miami scandal that prompted the firing of its chief enforcement officer, followed by the Johnny Football trademarking fiasco and corresponding statement that seems utterly unenforceable- who at the NCAA is qualified to prove intent? Now the higher-ups are saying that they may reconsider some recent rule changes in light of a revolt by the B1G along with some other schools. Just when we thought they were losing power, however, they stepped up and flexed their muscles by smacking down St. Mary's. Don't mess with Emmert, y'all...

  • Why the hell is Dennis Rodman on my TV? I didn't like watching the freak show when he was still playing basketball. Now he's being interviewed by George Stephanopolous about foreign policy, referring to Kim Jong Un as "a good guy" and a "friend"? Just damn, the end of the world must be nigh.

Roll Tide, everyone.