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Friday Reflection: The Blackout

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it


Y'all probably thought I was going to skip right over this game didn't you? Well, that doesn't sound like a true gump at all. I mean how could I pass over a game that is easily in the top 10 of "Best Games in the Saban Era" ? If the Clempson game wasn't evidence that 'Bama was back, The Blackout was all the proof you needed to finally believe.

The game had everything you could ever want

- Pre-game trash talking by the coaches.

- "They're going to a mother F*** funeral,

- Of course, UGA fans totally excited about being #3 (poor whittle things)

- Corso picking 'Bama,

- A night game between the hedges

- Stafford, NoSean Moreno, AJ Green...

- Oh, yeah...And that whole "Blackout" thing..

Now, I lived in Georgia in 2008 and the week leading up to the game my UGA buddies were overbearing to say the least and borderline Aubunish.. I have literally never seen that much arrogance and ::insert word for "to stankin up a room":: from an entire fan base in my entire life. And I have lived with UF fans. Not a single one felt UGA could or would lose. 'Bama was an OK team but in their minds, we were no Georgia. Such silliness...

I wish I had saved all the texts I got just before kick...Funny how I didn't get a single text after the first drive..

Cause, what had happen was....







Poor puppies...