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Stats from Alabama's Second Scrimmage

Alabama held its second scrimmage of the spring on Saturday. How did everyone perform, and what do the numbers mean?

Bama's second scrimmage: this.  A whole lotta this.
Bama's second scrimmage: this. A whole lotta this.
Vasha Hunt



AJ McCarron

23-28 (82.14%), 319 yards, 5 TDs

Blake Sims

10-15 (66.66%), 183 yards, 2 TDs


Huge numbers today from the QBs. The most important one, though, may be the one that's not there, as neither QB had an interception. AJ's completion percentage is a bit worrisome when evaluating the defense. The high percentage can not be easily explained away as being the result of short passes, as AJ averaged nearly 14 yards per completion. Meanwhile, it seems that Blake Sims is continuing to do everything necessary to be the solid backup we need. While we don't know the situations that led to his stat line, it can only be seen as a positive when a guy throws nearly 70% and 18+ yards per completion.


Chris Black

10 catches, 113 yards (11.3 yards per reception)

Amari Cooper

6 catches, 108 yards (18 yards per reception), 4 TDs

Christion Jones

5 catches, 72 yards (14.4 yards per reception), TD


Obviously, the QBs can't have a big day alone, and the wide receiver corps turned out in a big way in the second scrimmage. Amari is grown man as a true sophomore, and we may bring our first Biletnikoff Award to Tuscaloosa in '13 or '14. The relatively large YPR averages, coupled with the QB stats, tell us that this scrimmage was geared a bit more towards stretching the defense and testing the defensive backs. Again, while we don't know the situations, the high completion percentages coupled with the receivers' yardage tells us that the DBs we on the losing end of that equation more often than not.


T.J. Yeldon

14 carries, 101 yards (7.21 ypc), 2 TDs

Derrick Henry

17 carries, 79 yards (4.65 ypc)

Kenyan Drake

12 carries, 71 yards (5.92 ypc)


The ground game appears to have had a good day as well, as all backs posted solid YPC averages. Yeldon and Henry improved on their YPC averages from last week by 3.27 YPC and .32 YPC, respectively. Drake's YPC average took a bit of a dip, but only because he posted such an absurd mark last week (nearly 8 YPC). One thing that the rushing stat line is light on: touchdowns. This leads me to think that, in keeping with the theme, the offense aired it out a bit, even if it were a situation where we would likely run it in a real game scenario.


Ryan Anderson

6 tackles

HaHa Clinton-Dix

6 tackles

Denzel Devall

6 tackles, sack

Deion Belue

5 tackles, sack


Not a ton can be derived from these stats, but it is worth noting that Anderson's stats were released. I think it is safe to assume that most (if not all) of these numbers were generated from Anderson's new inside linebacker position (where he is filling in for the injured DePriest).

Special Teams

No stats released.


On the whole, it seems that the offense carried the day today. The passing numbers suggest that the coaching staff strove to test the defensive secondary today, and the gaudy stat line and lack of turnovers suggest that the defense might have been found wanting a bit. Additionally, the running game was anything but stymied, so it's hard to see a lot of redeeming information in these numbers for the defense. We can find a bit of comfort outside of the numbers, though, as two starters (Xzavier Dickson (bruised knee) and Depriest (broken foot)) did not participate in the scrimmage, and while C.J. Mosley did, you would have to imagine that he has the intensity dialed down a bit to protect his shoulder. Basically, let's not sound the alarm just yet. At the very least, take solace in the fact that Bama is obviously fielding the most awesomest offense evarr this season.

Roll Tide.