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Around the SEC │Baseball Edition

This past weekend was the mid way point in the SEC baseball schedule. Each team has now played 15 conference games and each team has 15 games to go. Currently the league (not counting division standings) looks like this.

Vandy leads the league at 14-1 followed by LSU at 13-2. Arky now has the 3rd best record at 9-6. Four teams are 8-7: USCe, UF, MSU, and Alabama. Two teams are currently just one game below .500, Mississippi and UK both at 7-8. The you have aTm 6-9, UT and AU 5-10, Mizzou 4-11 and UGA at the bottom at 3-12.

At any rate this past weekend Vandy took 3 games from Mizzoiu, UF took 3 games from SC, MSU took 3 games form aTm, and Mississippi took 3 from Bama. Auburn took2 of 3 from UGA, UT took 2 of 3 from UK, and Arky took 2 of 3 from LSU in a big series win for the Hogs.

The way it looks to me right now Vandy and LSU are clearly the two best teams and ought to end up at Omaha. UGA and Missouri are apparently the two worst team, and ought to end up missing the SEC tourney. The other 10 teams could really go either way. Arky appears to be coming on and Alabama appears to be fading. MSU may have swept aTm, but that was only their second series win of the year so I'm not convinced they are that good. UT did have a good series win over UK, but maybe UK is niot that good either. Auburn is still weak but they are better than UGA. Mississippi looked like a strong club against Bama, but it was the 1st series win they have had since the first series of the year.

And, I suspect these middle teams will keep being up, then down, then back up again all the way to Hoover. To be honest I'm concerned about Bama after getting swept, and we have LSU this weekend at home and Vandy looming at the end. Although we did beat UAB on Tuesday, I think we are going to be near .500 in the SEC to get an NCAA invite. In order to do that we are really going to need to pick it up especially on the offense end of things.

As far as few stats, Bregman from LSU is leading the SEC in batting at .432, Renfroe from MS is second at .428, and Katz from LSU is third at .422. Salem is Alabama's leading hitter batting .290 and that is 46th best in the league. Over all Alabama is 13 out of 14 teams in batting ahead of only Mizzou.

And there in lies a great deal of our problem. We just have no offense. As a team we have only 9 home runs, this weekend and last weekend we faced Renfroe (MS) and Katz (LSU) both of whom have 13 homers to lead the league. Obviously when statistically you are near the bottom in every offensive category it is going to be hard to stay near the .500 mark.