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A Day Team Rosters Released

How much time will AJ log with the first team on Saturday?
How much time will AJ log with the first team on Saturday?
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

After Thursday's practice, Bama released the rosters for both the Crimson and White teams for Saturday's A-Day game. Most of the positions went as expected, but there were a couple small surprises. First off, it's clear that the Crimson team will feature the first string defense and the second string offense, while the White team will feature the first string offense and the second string defense. Here a few of the more notable revelations from the rosters:

  • O.J. Howard is on the Crimson team, indicating that he likely has not yet earned the starting HB position. Best guess right now is that Fowler is our starting HB. I'd assume it will stay that way until O.J.'s pass blocking improves.
  • As was speculated earlier this week, Sunseri appears with the first stringers, at the expense of Landon Collins, who will play on the White team. Much has been made of Sunseri's physical abilities, but there is no denying his hard hitting style or his football smarts. With his recent weight loss and his experience head start, he may prove difficult to keep off the field.
  • As expected, the starting O-Line from left to right appears to be: Cyrus Kuoandjio (CyKo), Arie Kuoandjio (ArKo), Ryan Kelly, Anthony Steen, and Austin Shepherd.
  • There are three running backs listed on the White team: T.J. Yeldon, Jalston Fowler, and Dee Hart. The latter two will be in black no-contact jerseys, so I'm not really sure what the gameplan will be once Yeldon comes out of the game after he gets his carries. Strangely, Ben Howell wasn't on either roster, even though fellow "warm body" running back Trey Roberts did appear on the Crimson roster.
  • It looks like the second string QB battle will be played out on an equal playing field. Bateman, Morris, and Sims are all on the Crimson team. I would expect Sims to start, but don't be surprised if the three QBs split time pretty evenly until Sims switches to the White team to spell McCarron.
  • Chris Black and DeAndrew White are both on the White team. I know this shouldn't surprise me, but holy crap guys, these all stars are our second stringers. BEST. OFFNESE. EVAR.

Full rosters for both teams can be viewed here: LINK