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Friday Reflection/ Embarrassing Admission: A-Day Edition

Have Alabama fans changed the world? I THINK SO!

Friday Reflection

April 21st 2007 ushered in a new era for spring scrimmages. Before 92,138 'Bama fans piled into Bryant Denny Stadium to get a glimpse at a Saban led Alabama team, the previous record for a SEC spring game was believed to be 73,000 at Tennessee in 1986. The 2007 A-Day clearly bested the previous record for an Alabama spring game set in 1988 by over 40,000.

Just look at the list below...I wonder what happened about 6 years ago?

Top 10 A-Day Attendance

  1. 2011 92.310*
  2. 2007 92,138
  3. 2010 91,312
  4. 2009 84,050
  5. 2012 78,526
  6. 2008 78,200
  7. 1988 51,117
  8. 1994 46,700
  9. 2006 40,000
  10. 1995 37,323
Gumps gon gump..

Expectations have now reached a gumplevel so high that anything less than 90,000 AT A SPRING GAME is a disappointment and proof that Alabama fans have become complacent. (Yeah and we aren't spoiled....)

Heck, even Kentucky fans are showing up in droves to watch their spring game. tOSU attempted to once again display their superiority over the SEC with an impressive 81,112 in 2012 to see Urban Myers debut. However, tOSU claims 95,000 showed in 2009 eclipsing 'Bama's record setting day in 2007. And apparently, the rise in attendance at spring games doesn't stop there. — No one can say 'Bama fans aren't trend setters as we have set the bar high for not just Alabama..

The SEC accounted for 34 percent of the spring crowds among the BCS-affiliated conferences, up from 30 percent a year ago. The SEC averaged 37,936 fans per school, a 21 percent increase from last spring and more than 55 Division I-A schools averaged in 2008 regular-season attendance.


Let's be honest for just a minute, by no means does it indicate that Alabama fans are slipping or growing complacent if only 60,000 show up tomorrow. Remember, just like it was in 2007, A-Day is just a spring scrimmage and meant for a day of celebration. Would it be great is we completely filled the 101,000+ capacity Bryant Denny Stadium? Of course, that would be gumptastic. However, the atmosphere is different today than it was in 2007 and thank gawd three national titles have changed where the bar is set.. No longer are high spring game attendance numbers the goal, but winning championships. So, let's just try to enjoy celebrating yet another national title and not worrying about how many fans showed up...

Let the fan bases and teams that are striving to be Alabama stress over such silliness.

Embarrassing Admission

With the news earlier this week that Derrick Henry broke his leg it has become abundantly clear that the football gods have not been satisfied by our sacrifices and demand more. Yes, it is only a spring game but the goal tomorrow is to make it out of the game unscathed, a.k.a. — no injuries.

Here it goes..Lawd help me..

When I was a young boy I loved the feel of silk between my fingers. I use to lay in my moms lap while watching TV and rub her silk gowns with my fingers. Also, you know that little pouch that is in swim trunks that hold loose change? Yeah, I use to rub that too. #smh

Y'all better follow suit or I'm challenging your love for Alabama...

Roll Tide