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A-Day Spring Game Open Thread

Enjoy your last chance to cheer until August.
Enjoy your last chance to cheer until August.
John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

This is it, folks. Your last chance to see the Tide in action before the long, dreary off season slows the clock to a miserable crawl. Team rosters are here. If you are going to be in Tuscaloosa, be sure to check in with friend of the blog, Bo Hicks, at Egan's and sample his home-brewed libations.

The game will start off at 2 p.m., God's time, and will be televised on ESPN2. The weather forecast? Heavenly:

 photo ADAYWeather_zps5cc5fa2e.png

The only thing remotely negative about that forecast is the high UV index, which indicates that Sunseri's epic farmer's tan will only grow in legend today.

If you're headed to the game - have fun, be safe, and let the fellas know that we appreciate them.

Roll Tide.