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Roll 'Bama Roll Summer Programming: What To Look For

Now that Basketball, Spring Football and Gymnastics are officially over here is what you can come to expect from RBR over the next four months.

Today is a sad day for all. In fact, you could call it a state, nay, country wide "National Day of Mourning" as football is no more. The next three months a.k.a. "The Dead Season" is a football lovers living nightmare. We are relegated to watching DVR'd games of seasons past and relocated to off-season discussions like "Will the SEC move to 16 teams?" or "Can 'Bama 3-peat?". Ugh. Well, at least we have SEC Media Days to look forward to, amiright?

The good news is 'Bama Baseball is much improved from last season and 5026 and Roger are both doing a great job. So stick around for the rest of Baseball season and remember, 'Bama isn't just a Football school.

What to look for on RBR

- The Jumbo Package will continue on its Tueday- Thursday schedule.

- Starting this week (or possibly next) we will have a "Best Players of the Saban Era" contest which will be posted every Wednesday. You, the loyal RBR'er, will be deciding who the best is. Saban's head just asploded.

- Starting in mid-May be looking for "Plays That Defined the 2012 Championship Season". If y'all remember, RBR did a similar Sweetest 16: Best Moments of the 2011 Championship Season around this time last year. Man, talk about #BamaFanProblems

- SEC Media Days is set for July 16th -18th. HURRAY the dead season is almost over.

- The beginning of August will see the glorious return of Summer practice but more importantly, the "RBR Sweetheart Battle Royale". And everyone rejoiced!

Of course, we will continue the regulars like Friday Reflection, Hypothetical Tuesday, Armchair Quarterback, Quotes from the Bear and Monday Musings. But we will also have coverage of the NFL Draft starting this Thursday and new articles like Cut Above, Where Do You Gump, and of course any recruiting news that pops up.

So stick around as there is plenty to discuss. Just cause Football left us doesn't mean you can too.

Roll Tide,