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Monday Musings: Hill's arrest, SEC's best

One man's opinion on recent events, Bama sports, and various nonsense.

May not be seeing much more of this fellow.
May not be seeing much more of this fellow.

Looks like LSU's offseason just got even worse. Star RB Jeremy Hill, already on probation after pleading guilty to sex with a 14-year-old in a locker room as a high school senior, was arrested over the weekend for... wait for it... pummeling some dude outside a bar. Guess this can be called a tradition in Red Stick now? In any case, with the departure of Spencer Ware and Michael Ford, Hill is pretty clearly the best RB on the LSU roster. If he goes they'd better hope Alfred Blue is able to make it all the way back from knee surgery or that run game isn't going to be close to what it was last season.

...As expected, this was a banner year for NFL hopefuls hailing from Alabama and the SEC as a whole.The Tide had nine players drafted, tied with LSU for 2nd nationally behind Florida State's 11. Adding in three undrafted free agents, 12 total Alabama players will get their chance at the show. As a conference, the SEC had 63 players drafted, besting the number two conference by the largest margin in draft history. In fact, four SEC schools- Bama, LSU , Florida, and UGA- combined for more drafted players than any other conference. The talent gap between the SEC and the rest of the country seems to be widening as we speak. Oh, well. At least the rest of the country can laugh about SEC players taking their draft calls in Wal-Mart while I amuse myself with Tennessee players making stupid decisions.

...Seeing three RBs drafted ahead of Eddie Lacy was rather disappointing, but Evan Hilbert at offers a bit of insight. At least one team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, removed Lacy from their draft board altogether amid concerns over the chronic toe issues that plagued him in Tuscaloosa. It is a bit disconcerting, however, that multiple outlets have also suggested that teams are questioning Lacy's work ethic and passion for the game. Sounds like you have plenty to prove, Eddie. Silence the critics and make us proud.

...Why, AJ, why? Isn't there somebody else you can hang with other than Johnny Football? We're trying our best to hate that dude around here. Having our star QB running around on beaches with him doesn't help.

Have a great week, everyone.