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Monday Musings: World Keeps Turning, Barn's Still Burning

Even Coach thinks Auburn fans are funny.
Even Coach thinks Auburn fans are funny.
  • Not surprised to read that Coach Saban was displeased with the team's first scrimmage since it's fairly evident that offense won the day. Reading between the lines, a "lack of intensity" is code for a bunch of yards gained through the air. Not sure how I feel about that at this point- our offense might just be that good. In any case there has to be some concern about a defense that lost arguably the best DB in the nation and three of its top four linemen. Still think this defense will be among the best nationally when it's all said and done.
  • The Ol' Ball Coach seems particularly ornery these days. A couple of weeks ago he complained publicly about ESPN's decision to air (the other) USC's pro day, wondering out loud if the Gamecocks should refuse to play games on the network. More recently, he made the decision to ban twelve outgoing senior players from the weight room following a reception at the school president's house that those players decided not to attend. One of them was safety DJ Swearinger who has been working out in Columbia in preparation for the NFL Draft and elected to voice his displeasure with the situation on Twitter. Never thought Steve Spurrier would be seen as a disciplinarian. Maybe he's just sad that Clowney will be leaving soon.
  • Please, Auburn, never change. Having come under fire again for various improprieties including the payment of players, rampant player use of illicit substances, academic fraud, et al, the message board loonies are out in full force. Seems that there may be a movement afoot to boycott the watching of Auburn games on ESPN, keeping with their "kill the messenger" theme. Oh, and Fox sports is also in on the Anti-Auburn conspiracy. They are innocent of all charges, y'all, and the media just keeps picking on them. Guess the REC really does control the world.

Have a great week, everyone.