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The Jumbo Package │04.09.13

Your somewhat daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

Kevin C. Cox

Alabama spring practice report: Trey DePriest sidelined, Dee Hart back at RB as Tide gets back to work |

After eight practices as a cornerback, Dee Hart was back with the running backs at today's practice. Hart, who missed most of last season with a knee injury, was one of three players experimenting at defensive back. The other two, Christion Jones and Cyrus Jones, remained with the DBs.

Well, that didn't last long. For starters, Dee back at running back is a good sign when it comes to his rehab. Let's be honest though, I don't think very many people really thought Dee was going to stick at DB. The question now is whether the move is permanent and if so, where does Dee fit into the RB mix?

Yeldon / Drake / Henry / Fowler / Hart?

First-team reps in December paying dividends for Tide center Ryan Kelly this spring |

"A lot, actually," Kelly said. "As a two last year, every day you come out there to practice you really want to practice like you're going to be the starter, because you never know. You look at the SEC Championship and he got hurt, and I hadn't played with the ones all year, and they just threw me in there like I was a piece of meat, and I don't' know what's going on."

I don't know much about this Kelly kid but I know I like him already. His name isn't mentioned much by the coaching staff, which means he's settled into his role and he just looks like a center. This may be the gump in me but for some reason I'm not worried about the offensive line going forward. I just want to know who is taking over Warmack's old spot?

Link to Ryan Kelly interview

Alabama Crimson Tide looking forward to utilizing big-play wide receivers - ESPN

Julio Part II arrived in the form of freshman Amari Cooper last season. The former four-star receiver broke nearly every rookie receiving record at the Capstone and reinvigorated an offense in the process

OK, I'm gonna say it — Amari Cooper > Julio Jones. Kick me, yell at me, tell me I'm a stupid gump but I think it is time to start comparing everyone to Cooper and not Julio.

Sport Science: Dee Milliner - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: Sport Science examines the quickness and running vertical of draft prospect Dee Milliner.

Que Jim Delany complaining to the NCAA that Alabama's training program creates an unfair competitive advantage on the field and 'Bama players should only be able to workout for an hour a day....Oh and they aren't allowed to practice together either...or watch film....or you know, be a football team.

Alabama softball roughs up Missouri ace |

The Crimson Tide rolled over one of the nation’s top pitchers, winning the weekend series over the sixth-ranked Tigers with a 14-6 victory in front of a crowd of 2,973 at Rhoads Stadium.

FACT: We don't cover the softball team nearly enough around here and these girls deserve better. Just to be clear, it isn't because we don't care it's just that no one has taken me up on my offer yet. So, consider this the RBR "We Need Help Covering Softball" open call. If you are interested e-mail me, yo.

Alabama tennis team loses last home match

Watch Alabama's defensive backs, down one body from 1st half of spring, at Monday's practice (video) |