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Your RBR Word of the Day: Superlative (EXTENDED VERSION!)

Mike Zarrilli

su·per·la·tive (soo-pûr-lə-tiv)


  1. Of the highest order, quality, or degree; surpassing or superior to all others.
  2. Excessive or exaggerated.


  1. Something of the highest possible excellence.
  2. The highest degree; the acme.

For all of our recent discussion of the superlative backs at Alabama under Saban, and which one surpasses all others in skill, talent, etc., it is equally important to remember that all have very different running styles, and, based upon the situation and that year's team, were called upon to do very different things.

As a personal aside, we can say that -to date- the Big Three were Richardson, Ingram and Lacy. However, we would would be remiss if we failed to mention:

  • Glen Coffee, who established the tradition of excellence;
  • Terry Grant, a gifted speedster who played as best he could to Saban's scheme and to his own detriment;
  • Roy Upchurch, who -without injuries- could have been the best of the early prospects;
  • TJ Yeldon, who, when all is said and done, may end up smashing Alabama records.

Thank you all, guys. You are equals among superlative players at the position.