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Greatest Player of the Saban Era: Round #1, Match #4 - Barrett Jones vs. Marcell Dareus

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Who was the greatest player to wear the Crimson and White while Coach Saban has roamed the sidelines at Bryant-Denny? Let's Check:


Who is the Greatest of the Greatest? Who is the Champion among Champions? There can be only one. We have seeded our 16-player field into a single elimination bracket, and it's up to you, the commentariat, to decide who advances to the next round. So cast your vote, then get down in the comments and explain why you are right, and those who voted for the other guy are clearly misinformed.


Round #1, Match #4

Stats gathered from 2012 Alabama Football Record Book, and (I understand that some of these records will have changed after the 2012 season.)

[Author's Note: I understand that it can be as difficult to compare across positions as it is to compare across generations - if not more so. Please bear in mind that some positions, particularly offensive linemen, simply aren't going to generate measurable statistics - not positive ones, at any rate.]

Barrett Jones, OL


- Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


Like I said, it's tough to find stats for offensive linemen. Please feel free to post in the comments if you find stats you trust on relevant topics, like pancake blocks or sacks allowed. You can find a good bio of him at the University's official site, and you should go over there and check it out - it's long, and I'm not going to copy and paste the whole thing here.

Alabama Records

I think it bears noting that Barrett Jones's helmet number was selected as the cover photograph of Alabama's record book.


Outland Trophy (2011)

Rimington Trophy (2012)

Unanimous 1st Team All-American (2011)

Consensus 1st Team All-American (2012, AP, FWAA, TSN, WCFF, CBS, ESPN, Scout, SI)

1st Team All-SEC (2011, 2012)

Wuerffel Trophy (2011)

Jacobs Blocking Trophy (2011)

William V. Campbell Trophy (2012)

Drafted #113 in the 2013 NFL Draft


Marcell Dareus, DL


- Kevin C. Cox

Official Alabama bio. (I think I'm going to start including these on every one - there's always good info in there.)


71 tackles (40 solo)

20.0 tackles for a loss

11.0 sacks

1 interception, returned 28 yards for a touchdown

7 passes defended


(I went with wikipedia's stats, because doesn't have his numbers from 2008 for some reason.)


Defensive MVP of the 2010 BCS National Championship Game (after the 2009 season).

Drafted #3 in the 2011 NFL draft.