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Around the SEC │Baseball Edition

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend rain played a factor in many of the SEC weekend series. Besides games being postponed, and teams being forced to pay double headers, two of the seven series were cut short. Tennessee took one game from UGA but the other two games were cancelled which hurt a UT team struggling to make the SEC Tourney because UGA is a very good chance for a win for any opponent. The Vandy-USCe series was also cut short one game with Vandy winning only two games. Having a 3rd game cancelled probably actually helped Carolina because Vandy has only lost 2 SEC games the entire year.

In other SEC weekend series there were many sweeps. A&M swept Mizzou, LSU swept UF (slowing them down), and MSU swept Bama. In each of these series the favorite prevailed in all 3 games. Arkansas won their series 2 and 1 over UK and Mississippi won 2 and 1 over AU. Counting the shortened series, 5 of the 7 series were sweeps.

Currently the SEC regular season stacks up this way: First- Vandy, Second- LSU, followed by Arky, USCe, MSU, UF, Miss, Bama (8th place), aTm, UK, AU, Missouri, UT, and UGA in that order. If the SEC Tourney started today UT and UGA would be left out. Unfortunately it looks like AU will make the tourney insuring that they will not finish dead last in football, basketball and baseball in the same season. Hard to believe one school could be that bad at everything, but I have heard their tractor pull team is pretty dominating.

Alabama now has two weekend series left. This weekend at home against one of the bottom feeders, Missouri. Then, the next weekend away at Vandy. First things first, we really need to sweep Mizzou. Last weekend was a heartbreaking series for Bama. After being rained out on Friday we were then swept 3 games in 2 days by MSU. The worse part was that we lost the final two games both in extra innings. s.

Nevertheless, picking up mid week wins over Miss. V.S. and Troy helped our overall record to 29-21. Finishing over .500 for the season is now practically assured (there is a way we could end 29-29.)

In SEC play we are now 11-12 and finishing above .500 in conference play is going to be very tough. As far as the NCAA Tourney, right now I think we are going to need to go at least 4-2 over the last 6 regular season games (time will tell.) But, no doubt this team is much improved over last year and we seem to be headed in the right direction.