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Around the SEC │Weekend Baseball Edition

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Well there is just one more weekend series before the SEC Tourney. Currently there are 6 teams in the conference over .500 in the league. Those teams are in order Vandy, LSU, Arky, USCe, MSU, and Miss.. The current 7th team at .500 (13-13) is Alabama. Following Alabama, in order are UF, aTm, AU, UK, UT, Mizzou and UGA.

Only 12 of the 14 teams make the SEC tourney. Currently UGA, in dead last, is almost a sure bet to be out. One of the big drama spots this weekend is the battle between UT and Mizzou for that coveted 12th place. Mizzou is at 8-19 and UT is at 7-18. In the standings both teams are 16.5 games behind Vandy. However, Mizzou is ahead on percentage points. This weekend Mizzou plays UK at home while UT faces aTm at home. Anyway you look at it this should come down to the final game of the season for the 12th position. It would be sort of rough for the Vols if they end up losing out by percentage points all the while knowing that if it had not rained against UGA, and they had two games cancelled, they would have likely finished ahead of Mizzou. But, since this is Tennessee we are talking about here I will shed no tears.

The other big drama this weekend is Bama at Vandy. Vandy has 13 straight games and they are clearly the best team in the SEC. Alabama's chances of finishing at .500 or better seem slim. However, just to win one game against Vandy would boost Bama's NCAA hopes. Nevertheless I think whatever small hope we had for an NCAA bid was lost when we ourselves had a game cancelled against aTm. Then, when we lost a game to Mizzou, I think we were done.

Just as there is an RPI in basketball there is one in baseball. The current national RPI rankings for the SEC teams are: Vandy- 1, LSU- 5, MSU- 10, USCe-11, Miss- 20, UF- 23, UK-28, AU-35 (that is a shock), Bama-40, and shock #2 Arky- 42. To begin with this is crazy. There is no way AU should be ahead of Bama and Arky. Secondly, UK ranked 28 is just a joke. In the last 6 conference series UK has won just one series. They did win their first 3 SEC series, but they have faded terribly down the stretch.

Well, you never know what the NCAA will do but I personally think Vandy, LSU, MSU, USCe, Miss, UF, and Arky make the NCAA tourney. If we get an 8th team it will be interesting to see how it comes out between UK, AU, and Bama. Although we beat AU (2 and 1), recently they have been playing much better. They have won their last two series against UF and Miss. To be honest we do not have a series win against a team as good as either of these two teams. The sad truth is our most impressive series win is now Auburn.

Anyway, if we somehow (they decide to rest their starters) take 2 of 3 from Vandy I think our hopes are mightily improved. As I said, even 1 win would help.