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With just 3 weekend series left in the 2013 SEC Baseball regular season teams are jockeying for position in the conference tourney and hold out hope for an NCAA bid.


Things are getting very interesting and very tight in the middle of the pack.

Last weekend saw 3 of the 7 series be swept, however, there was only one 3 game sweep. How is that possible? Well, Vandy impressively swept a good MSU team in all 3 games. Alabama (v. aTm) and Arky (v. UGA) had two game sweeps due to rain on Sunday. I'm sure both Arky and Bama are a bit sorry their final game was cancelled because each seemed poised for a 3rd victory, especially Bama who had a 4-0 lead when play was cancelled. Not getting to play those potential games could end up hurting both teams when tourney time rolls around.

In the other series UF continued there hot play takign 2 fo 3 from UT. UK took 2 of 3 from Mississippi which really hurt Miss. Mizzou took 2 of 3 from Auburn...ho-hum. And, in the biggest match up of the weekend USCe took 2 of 3 from LSU in Baton Rouge. This series loss by LSU really hurts their confidence more than anything as they had not lost a conference series the entire year.

Currently Vandy is far and away ahead of everyone else standing at 19-2 in conference action. Second is LSU at 16-5. Then it goes Arky 13-7, USCe 13-8, UF 12-9, Bama still hanging in there at 11-9 and Mississippi 11-10.

The remainder of the conference teams have losing records in the league. MSU is 10-11, UK is 9-12, aTmis 7-13, Mizzou is 7-14, AU is 7-14, UT is 6-15, and UGA is 4-16. It would seem that UGA will miss the SEC tourney for sure ( the bottom 2 teams will not be in the field) but there is definitely a race for that important 12 seed in the conference between UT, AU, Mizzou and aTm. I think Auburn has the toughest road to the SEC Tourney because they still have to play Mississippi, Florida and Arky. There is a real good chznce they drop all 9 remaining games which hopefully will leave them out of the tourney.

As far as Alabama this weekend we have MSU in Starkville. We need to win at least one those games and then sweep Mizzou to finish 15-14 assuming we get clobbered by Vandy in the final weekend of the season. At 15-14 in the SEC and 32-23 (if we beat Troy next Wed.) That record should get us an NCAA bid regardless of what we do in the SECT. The first game Friday night is at 6 and is on ESPNU. You need to watch this!!

By the way in the most recent USA Today poll Vandy is #2 and LSU is #3. Alabama is not in the top 25, but we got a few votes and are #44. USCe is #9, Arky is #14, Miss. is #18, UK is #23 (which makes no sense.) UF is not in the top 25 but is #38, and Troy is #39 (we get them mid week.)

This team is much improved. We have a real shot at a decent season. It is all going to be decided in the next few weeks.