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The Jumbo Package │05.23.13

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You daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes


SECond Look video: When pressure is on, who is SEC's best QB? (poll) |

You are a head football coach at a mythical SEC school that just so happens to have four great quarterbacks named A.J. McCarron, Johnny Manziel, Zach Mettenberger and Aaron Murray.

@They stole my Hypothetical Tuesday idea PAAWWWWL@

Anyways, the battle is really between Manziel and McCarron with AJ winning by what should be a wide margin. It's not that JM isn't a clutch QB, but AJ has proven over he course of two years as a starter and 2 NATIONAL TITLES YO to be the more reliable QB in pressure packed situations. I know Manziel won the Heisman, and he beat AJ heads up but he needs to put back-back seasons together before I start doling out hypothetical awards, 'aight.

Nick Saban's final Crimson Caravan message: 'The only one that matters is the next one' (photos and video) |

"Michael Jordan's old statement is: No matter how many game-winning shots you've made in the past, the only one that matters is the next one," Saban said before Wednesday's event. "Well, that's all that matters to us."

Our fearless leader is zoned in once again but the question remains, how's the team doing? We know Saban is focused, we know his coaching staff is locked in but what about the team? It doesn't really matter what Saban is saying if the team isn't doing what they need to do to have success in 2013.

Sadly, we won't really find out the answer to this question for another couple months :/ #OffseasonProblems

Mark Edwards' In My Opinion: Can't wait for Tide vs. Johnny Football Read more: Anniston Star

Still, Manziel isn't a fluke. Neither is Texas A&M, which seems to have escaped Texas' shadow by joining the SEC and carving its own path. Also, the rematch isn't in Tuscaloosa -- it's at Kyle Field at Texas A&M. This will be Alabama's second game of the year, and the Tide's defense likely will need more time than that to rebuild.

Hey, Johnny..

Baseball Gets Blanked by No. 2 LSU in SEC Tournament

The Crimson Tide will continue play in the SEC Tournament with the 9:30 a.m. CT game against No. 21 Mississippi on Thursday. Alabama is slated to start sophomore right-handed pitcher Spencer Turnbull (4-3, 3.61) and the Rebels will counter with freshman righty Jacob Wageuspack (0-1, 2.89).

I may hate LSU but that's a fine baseball team we played yesterday. Lone bright spot was that besides the 1st inning, the game was played to a 0-0 tie. OH HAI MORAL VICTORIES!

Mal Moore Named the 2012-13 Sports Business Daily College Athletic Director of the Year

"I am thrilled that Coach Moore has been named Athletic Director of the Year by the Sports Business Daily," said Bill Battle, UA Director of Athletics. "This is so perfectly appropriate as a recognition of the job he did at Alabama, particularly in leading our teams to unprecedented success during 2012. As his successor as Athletics Director, I have a unique perspective on the job that he did for us here. Perhaps more than anyone, I can attest to the tremendous job that he did.

What will Paul Finebaum's move mean to Alabama, Auburn? | Capstone Report

Through it all, the littlest big man in SEC country has made his living stoking the fires amid the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn. His show created a public forum where folks from both sides could call in, speak their minds, revel in successes and slowly move the Alabama – Auburn relationship from a rivalry into a downright hatred. That’s not to say Paul Finebaum is solely responsible for the intensity of the rivalry…it’s always been intense. But let’s just say, he’s been the bartender that helped fuel the liquor-filled brawl.

I said it yesterday, I'll say it today and I'll probably say it tomorrow, getting that man out of the state of Alabama was the best thing for the Alabama/Auburn Rivalry and the state as a whole. However, the debate is will he still focus on Alabama or expand his audience beyond the far reaches of the Yellowhammer State? Why not let the toothless Viles call in and embarrass their fan base? I guess that's too much to ask from a UT grad, huh?

Georgia signee on coach it's hardest to say no to: 'Nick Saban, definitely' |

"They had always been a team of mine throughout the recruiting process. I had been raised a Miami guy, but Alabama grew on me when I was little. Seeing (Saban) on TV all the time, and when I finally me him, I didn't know really know what to say. Anything he says to you, you're kind of in awe because you're like 'Man, this is a really powerful guy.' He was really hard to say 'no' to. Then there's Coach Richt there as well. He's not as angry. Coach Richt is more of a gentle person."

Richt, PUT.. THAT COFFEE... DOWN. Coffee's for closers only.

05/22/2013 Alabama vs LSU Baseball Highlights - YouTube