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Alabama Memorial Day Open Thread

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What's on your mind? Memorial Day; Baseball; Golf; Softball; Notre Dame Woes

Thank You.
Thank You.
Tom Pennington

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is more than just a Monday off work. It is a day to remember the men and women who died while serving in defense of our country. Without these brave men and women, we would not have the many freedoms and luxuries we have today. I hope those of you who are parents will educate your children about this day.

Have any good stories? Share them with us.

Alabama Baseball

The Crimson Tide made a pretty good showing in the SEC tournament making it to the final 6. They beat Auburn and Ole Miss but it was LSU who was their nemesis.

UPDATE: The #2-seeded Alabama travels to Tallahassee to face #3 Troy (May 31, 11am/noon). #1 FSU will face #4 Savannah State. Full bracket. The Crimson Tide is familiar with Troy defeating them 11-2 in Tuscaloosa back on May 8th. The Trojans (40-17) were ranked #25 at the time. The Seminoles are 44-15 and ranked #7 in the nation though they lost their last four games (UNC, GaT, VaT, UVa).

Alabama Golf

The women's golf team put up valiant effort this year but no team could overcome a ridiculous record-breaking 2nd round by Southern Cal. The Tide finished 7th.

Up next are the men starting on Tuesday.

Dark Clouds Gathering Over South Bend

Notre Dame has had nothing but bad luck since Kevin Norwood caught a 29 yard pass from AJ McCarron on the second play of the BCS Championship Game.

First there was the thrashing the Tide put on the Irish. Then there was the whole embarrassing Manti Teo invisible girlfriend thing. QB Gunner Kiel transfers out. Eddie Vanderdoes appears to be making a hasty exit from his commitment to ND. On Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported that Charlie Weis' buyout may approach a staggering $19 million! And now, 2012 starting quarterback Everett Golson is no longer enrolled at Notre Dame (rumors are that he may have cheated on a final exam).

Hodge Podge (What else have you got on your mind?)

  • Will the Miami and Oregon rulings be coming soon? Maybe before our grandchildren graduate from Alabama? Or at least before robots take over the world?
  • Danny Woodson Jr. is heading to South Alabama. Is Marvin Shinn heading to Texas Tech or not?
  • Alabama softball had a big letdown this season losing in the Super-regional to Tennessee.
  • How 'Bout Them Braves? They are on a tear winning 8 straight.
  • NASCAR in Charlotte. Is Jimmie Johnson bad for NASCAR?
  • Are the Miami Heat in trouble?
  • And there is this nugget: Paul Finebaum (ugh) is joining the SEC Network. Double Ugh.

* LATEST NEWS: Reports are in that all but one member of the Class of 2013 are expected to enroll at the Capstone this week. CB Jonathan Cook is still an academic question mark.