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2013 SEC Baseball Tournament Wrap-up

The SEC Tournament this past weekend had it's share of upsets. But, in the end the two best teams in the league battled back from the losers brackets into a classic extra innings game for the championship claimed by LSU.

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DAY ONE of the tournament (Tuesday) saw the lower eight teams battling to just mae it into double elimination play. On that first day MSU, aTm, Miss, and Bama all advanced while Mizzou. UF, UK, and AU were eliminated. The biggest upset of the day was probably aTm eliminating UF. The sweetest win of the day had to be Bama eliminating AU and ending their season.

DAY TWO of the tournament begin double elimination play. Arky and LSU who had byes in round one held serve. But aTm again with a big upset over the #1 team in the country Vandy. MSU had a slightly less shocking upset of USCe.

DAY THREE saw Bama eliminate Miss in a bit of revenge game while Vandy eliminated USCe. In the winners bracket Arky upset LSU and aTm finally lost to MSU.

DAY FOUR. After three days half the field was gone. MSU and Arky then drew a day off while the other four remaining teams faced elimination. Alabama almost put LSU out of the tournament on this day taking a lead in to the 9th inning before giving up the lead with 2 outs in the ninth. We had LSU down to their last man, but could not finish them off. . With the loss Bama departed with a respectable 2-2 mark in the tourney. Vandy also eliminated the over achieving Aggies.

DAY FIVE was back to single elimination for the remained of the tourney. LSU took out Arky and Vandy destroyed MSU. In a way the double elimination portion of this tournament was not as difficult for LSU and Vandy because they have deeper pitching squads than probably any of the other teams in tourney. At any rate, in spite of a day off Arky and MSU were not able to take advantage of their good work leading up to the semifinals.

DAY SIX...the championship. The LSU v. Vandy championship game was a classic. Both teams were now playing for the 5th consecutive day. And, regardless of any emotional of mental fatigue the players may have had you could not tell it on the field. LSU prevailed 5-4 in 11. The Champions are as good a team as there is in the country and we had them down 2 outs in the 9th.

Finally, although you always want to win the SEC Tournament, this years tournament will be considered a positive one for Alabama. There is no doubt we are still behind the LSU's and Vandy's of the SEC. But...not that much behind. We may not have any hitters with the gaudy stats you will see on some of the higher ranked teams but with this tourney Alabama let the rest of the SEC know we may be young but we aren't going anywhere but up.

Going forward this year we are back in the NCAA Tourney after a one year hiatus. As fate would have it we last went to the NCAA Regionals in 2011 in Tallahassee. We were eliminated by FSU. This year we are back in Tallahassee as a #2 a seed. We face Troy on Friday at noon and then FSU will probably be next if we can ebat Troy.

By the way, the SEC landed 9 teams in the tourney with LSU, Vandy, USCe, and MSU hosting. Also in the field are Arky, Miss, aTm, UF and Bama. UF a bit of surprise just one game over .500. AU did not make the field.