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The Jumbo Package │05.29.13

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide and SEC related links and quotes

Kevin C. Cox

Eight-game SEC slate popular among coaches |

Saban said too many coaches wanting to stay at eight games are more concerned about winning games and getting bowl eligible, something that many teams could find significantly more difficult playing a nine-game SEC schedule.

"They’re just thinking about, ‘How many games can I win? Can I get bowl qualified? How many tough teams do I have to play?’ " Saban said. "After coaching in the NFL for eight years, everybody in the NFL plays everybody in the NFL, and you lose some games. "The Giants lost how many games and won the Super Bowl, six? I think it makes it more exciting if you don’t have to do undefeated or just one game to be able to have a chance to qualify to play for something at the end."

This has been a problem in the SEC for years and Alabama played its part in creating the issue. We (the SEC) have used the excuse that our conference schedule is so tough that we have to schedule 3 patsies just to give ourselves a breather. That may be true but sorry folks, that ain't working any longer. It's time to go to a 9 game schedule and remove the Georgia St's of the world. Those games aren't fun to watch for fans and only the threat of injury to starters (or 2nd and 3rd stringers) make them compelling.

Nick Saban remains in favor of nine-game SEC schedule, takes jab at Ohio State | Saturday Down South

Saban was asked today about Ohio State competing with the top six SEC teams last year in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina and Texas A&M. "How many would Ohio State have beaten? Would they have won three? I don’t know."

As you'll see below some of the media types have taken Saban's comments a little too seriously or perhaps they just like to hate everything Saban says. I'm going with the latter.

He was asked a question and he answered it honestly. But of course that's not good enough. Alabama may have only gone 2-1 against it's 3 toughest opponents but Ohio St likely loses all three and probably a few others had it played Alabama's schedule.

I just find it funny how B1G folks are trying to take a stab at the SEC's "strength of schedule" in hopes to validate their pathetic excuse of a "football" conference.

Nick Saban calls out Ohio State for something Alabama couldn't do -

Saban may have used Ohio State by name, but his statement really applies to every non-SEC contender. "They don't play as tough a schedule as us." It's true, but he's blowing things out of proportion. Due to conference divisions, no team in the SEC has to play every other top team. It makes for a good sound byte, though, and it serves his program's purposes to further reinforce just how much more difficult the SEC is. The media listens when he speaks, and he knows it.

Oh wait, neither does the B1G, right?

The Big Ten office announced the conference schedule for the 2014 football season today, as approved by the Big Ten Directors of Athletics. The 2014 schedule will consist of eight games for each of the Big Ten's 14 teams, feature a new division alignment, include the conference debut of Maryland and Rutgers and culminate with the fourth annual Big Ten Football Championship Game.


So, it's OK for the B1G to not play everyone but if the SEC does it, that's bad? Oh wait, the B1G doesn't have any real elite teams, so I guess this issues doesn't include them.

Les Miles: A coach on a mission for schedule change | Saturday Down South

"It’s interesting to see how you would compare our schedule with others," Miles said on the SEC coaches’ post-spring teleconference. "I wonder if there should be no permanent partners. I wonder if we couldn’t choose cross-division opponents through a random computer draw."

So let me get this straight Mr. Miles...You complain that schedules aren't fair but you won't support going to a 9 game schedule? You complain that Alabama's schedule is easier than yours because we play Tennessee every year but again, you won't get on board with Alabama's call for an overall tougher conference schedule? LES MILES DOES WHAT HE WANTS

Les is quoted as saying, "Miles is tired of playing Florida every year, while he watches Alabama play Tennessee every year."

Wait, huh? He does understand that this is cyclical, right? Tennessee isn't going to be this awful every year (Well, hopefully they are cause I hate Tennessee) and Florida was pretty bad at the end of Meyer's reign. Miles is acting like every year Alabama has this easy road to haul while everyone else is stuck trudging through mud. At this point, Les (and the LSU AD) wanting "Fairness" sound like a little baby crying cause his big sister took his favorite toy more than a tough football coach. Actually, they are starting to sound like Auburn...good gracious.

SEC coaches differ on nine-game league schedule | Tampa Bay Times

"I don't believe we'll come to any closure here, but my hope is that everybody here will weigh in on the discussion," Slive said. "When you're talking about scheduling there are different elements, and each one has to be dissected to make sure there are no unintended consequences if we decide to change."

Bama third after first round at NCAAs |

The Crimson Tide shot 5-under-par 275 and is five shots off the lead of Arizona State. The Sun Devils posted 10-under 270 in the morning flight with the help of John Rahm’s NCAA-record 61 (-9). Host Georgia Tech is second at 6-under 274, while Illinois is fourth at 276) and No. 1-ranked California is fifth at 277. Oklahoma is sixth at 278 while Texas and Oklahoma State are tied for eighth at 279.

Roll Seawell!

The Crimson White | Softball team sees season end at Knoxville Super Regional

The Alabama Crimson Tide softball team saw its season come to an end as it fell 5-3 in game two against Tennessee, in the Knoxville Super Regional Saturday at Sherri Parker Lee Stadium. The Tide finished its season with a 45-15 record while the Lady Vols advance to the Women’s College World Series with a 49-10 mark. Alabama raced out to an early 3-0 lead, but Tennessee was able to chip away and eventually took the lead for good, scoring four runs over a three inning span to advance to Oklahoma City.

I know this is a bit late considering the game was this past weekend but I wanted to take a minute and congratulate the team on a fine season. I think it's great that the softball team is at the point where losing in the NCAA Regional's is a disappointment. That truly shows where the program is at and that Alabama fans and the coaches aren't happy with mediocrity, no matter the sport.

Well done ladies and Roll Tide.

The Crimson White | Women’s golf team takes 7th place in NCAA Championship

The No. 2 Alabama women’s golf team struggled to the finish in the final round of the NCAA Championships on the par-72, 6,372-yard University of Georgia Golf Course Friday. The Crimson Tide posted a 37-over 1,189 to finish seventh. The team shot a season-high 28-over-par 316 to slide from a tie for third as winds gusted through a difficult UGA course.

Same sentiments as with the softball team. It's great to see all our sports playing for potential championships and the fan base being disappointed (but supportive) when they fall short.

Roll Tide, ladies.

An SEC vs. Big Ten historical comparison (with charts) - Land-Grant Holy Land

Watch commissioner Mike Slive wrap up Tuesday's happenings at SEC spring meetings (video) |