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Friday Reflection: Rocky Block and Hating Tennessee, Forever.

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Roll 'Bama Roll continues its march through historic games that make your weekend just a little bit better..

Kevin C. Cox

Beating Tennessee is special. Whether by a final score of 6-3 or 37-6, lighting up those cigars in the moments after sweet victory may be the closet thing to football heaven 'Bama fans will ever witness. That is outside of winning yet another National Title.

These days, however, we've grown accustomed to getting a W against the Viles and perhaps for a few that has made your hate for all things orange weaken. It's pretty easy to let your hate wane when the scores the last few years have looked more like Alabama vs North Texas and not the truly memorable games from this historic rivalry. But never the less, hating Tennessee should be in the DNA of every Alabama fan and the opposite should be true for Vol fans.

And for all you youngsters who find it hard to hate Tennessee (which simply boggles the mind) google "Peyton Manning vs Alabama" or better yet, try living in that god forsaken state for longer than a day. And if that somehow doesn't work, put "Rocky Top" on a 24/7 loop on your iTunes. Trust me, that'll do it.

Hate from this Bammer is as strong as ever. You see, I lived in Tennessee during the 90's and I was in Nashville when UT won the first BCS title. I remember the seven year drought from '95- '01. For most of my childhood I don't remember beating Tennessee. Hate was also something bred in me by my father at a young age. In fact, my epitaph will one day read, "Loving husband, loving father, still hates Tennessee and the color orange."

Lastly, with all the talk this week of the possibility that one of, if not THE greatest rivalries in all of college football may be cast aside so the SEC schedule is made to be more "fair" it is now our duty to remind our SEC brethren (LSU) what the backbone of college football and the SEC is made of — Rivalries

Hate UT yesterday, Hate UT today, Hate UT for eternity..

Roll Tide