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Roll Bama Roll Weekend Sendoff

The Roll Bama Roll weekend sendoff is here to guide you into the loving arms of the weekend.

Why hello there, weekend.
Why hello there, weekend.
Robert S. Donovan

The RBR weekend countdown is back! Sort of. This time it's not so much a countdown as a sendoff. This week, we'll be matching up SEC teams to track titles off of an album. Which album? Well, what album could be a more appropriate starting place for a Bama blog than Jay-Z and Kanye's masterwork "Watch the Throne"?

Obviously a couple tracks are missing. Some because I'm not interested in controversy, and some because they didn't fit the mold. I'll let you decide which is which. I've included links to each of the tracks if you would like to take a listen, but I'll offer a warning now that these songs have plenty of "adult" language, so you might want to skip out on the tunes if that would offend you.

On to the album!

1. No Church in The Wild (Feat. Frank Ocean) - LSU
"What's a mob to a king?" About one screen pass short of success, I'd say. This track name seems like a perfect fit for the chaotic and godless voodoo children of the bayou. I'm sure they think it's nice to be number one in something again...

5. Gotta Have It - Texas A&M
The "it" in this instance? Revenge. Sweet, violent revenge. I can only hope Manziel keeps taking time to make truck videos during this offseason. Sacks on sacks on sacks, y'all.

6. New Day - Vandy/Ole Miss
A new day? Sure, but only a moderately better one. Ole Miss and Vandy are clearly on the upswing, but their pendulums are only built to swing so high before they snap under the stress and fall to the ground in a fiery heap.

7. That's My B*tch - Auburn
Get your own dog, ya heard? Let this serve as a friendly reminder that it has been 931 days since Auburn has scored an offensive touchdown against Bama. Welcome back, Gus. Why don'y you run another trick play, for old time's sake?

8. Welcome to The Jungle - Arkansas
Good Lord, I am so looking forward to scumbag Bret's first year in the SEC. You're not in Kansas anymore, fella.

9. Who Gon Stop Me - Bama
So many rings, I need eight arms.

10. Murder to Excellence - Kentucky/Tennessee/MSU/Missouri
The dregs of the conference seem to do their dead level best to tear down the mystique of the SEC. By the way, how many days out of the year do you think Tennessee fans realize they are now Kentucky? Do they snap awake every morning in a cold sweat, or does the realization fade from their consciousness, only to sneak up once a week during their morning commute? Fun fact: orange tears taste like jelly beans.

11. Sweet Baby Jesus (Feat. Frank Ocean) (Made in America) - Georgia
Mark Richt is a good, Christian man.

14. HAM - South Carolina
Because watching Clowney go all out gives me funny tingles. (may have to click to animate)Clowney

15. Prime Time - Florida
I know it's only been a couple years since we played for a national title berth and I know that Florida was just in the Sugar Bowl last year, but it feels like it has been forever since Florida has fielded a team that would be competitive with Bama. College Football is better when Florida is a legitimate threat (Les Miles prefers this as well), and I'm glad that Muschamp seems to have them back on track to prime time.