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The Jumbo Package │06.20.13

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide and sports related links and quotes.

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Latest Alabama recruiting poster focuses on football team's top-ranked APR scores |

The poster is the latest from the Alabama recruiting department, which continues to react and pounce on new opportunities to market the team.

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Time for full blown Gumpin, y'all.

OPINION: Johnny, be gone - Opinion - The Battalion - Texas A&M

His accomplishments are noted but no matter the outcome of the promising 2013 season it is time to watch Manziel ride off into the sunset. Johnny Football wants out and as a selfish observer, I want him out as well.

Now, we have had our fun around here making light of Manziel's off the field problems but come on man... This kid is a once in a lifetime player and you want him to leave? They really don't know how to gump in Texas, huh?

How the hell do you score on Alabama? Part 3: Why the Tide won't three-peat - Football Study Hall

That said, peeking into 2013 there are major indicators that Alabama will not dominate either side of the ball to the extent they are accustomed. On the defensive line the Tide are losing all three starters and plugging in up and comers Brandon Ivory (nose tackle), Ed Stinson (DE), and Jeoffrey Pagan (DE). While these are each very solid players and possibly future stars, the learning curve and necessary development to achieve dominance in the trenches in the SEC suggests that even plugging in talented players with some experience at this level will not necessarily result in a dominant unit.

These are the same questions we've been asking ourselves since January. How will the rebuilt defensive and offensive lines hold up? History tells us that we are reloading and not rebuilding but the questions still remain. The 2010 defense struggled to stop the run and as a result put undue pressure on a young secondary. 2013 should be a little different with a more experienced defensive back field. But we saw in 2012 that when the front seven struggles to stop the run (LSU) our secondary was inconsistent at best.

The offensive line is a different story. My gut tells me we will be fine here. This unit may not be at the 2012 level (yet) but if we get the same production as '09 or even '10 the offense will be just fine. We may see more passing on early downs to set up the run but I don't see the struggles many are predicting.

Former Alabama DB Mark Barron reportedly nets $50,000 for number swap with Darrelle Revis |

"A well-placed source tells me that the amount Darrelle Revis paid to Mark Barron in order to get Barron to give up No. 24 was — get this — $50,000," Lukas wrote in his weekly roundup of uniform-related news and notes. "Is that a record? Is it not even close? Has anyone been tracking these uni number transactions over the years?"

Nation's top defensive tackle Andrew Brown set to decide between Alabama, 4 others |

"Alabama speaks for itself," Brown told 247Sports. "They're the national champs. Nick Saban is a tremendous head coach and I have a high amount of respect for the entire Crimson Tide staff." "Virginia and Alabama like me as a defensive end. Coach Saban called me a three-down lineman that could play end, tackle, or the nose. There's no need for me to leave the field."

These are the type of defensive lineman (6-foot-4, 280-pounds)
we need to help against the HUNH offenses. Guys who can play up and down the line with the speed to contain/chase duel threat QB's.

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