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Roll 'Bama Roll Programming News and Notes

As we head into the doldrums of the off-season let's take a look at what you can expect from RBR over the next couple months.

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SEC Media Days Coverage

SEC Media Days marks the beginning of the end of the off-season and outside of a UT coach being served subpoena papers, nothing out of the ordinary or relatively exciting happens. Still, FOOTBAW.

Top 16 Plays of the 2012 Championship Season

Now that the "Greatest Players of the Saban Era" is wrapping up today, we need more gump material to help with the lack of footbaw news. And what better way to celebrate #16 then to look back at the plays that defined the season and decide which was the greatest?


2012 National Championship Replay

Following the top plays tournament, we'll be picking a time for us all to watch the replay, again. Since many of us were at the game or weren't able to comment live on RBR this is a good way for us to relive throttling Notre Dame once again but this time as a community of gumps.

2013 Alabama Game by Game Preview

A comprehensive look at every opponent on Alabama's 2013 schedule. Should be kicking off August 1st.

Roll 'Bama Roll's Sweet Heart Battle Royale

It's tradition, folks. And just in case you were wondering, it will be left up to the loyal RBR commentariat to decide not only the winner but also the participants. Look for the battle to start the second week of August and the "participant rules and regs" thread in mid July.

And of course we'll continue our regular scheduled programming y'all have come to love and expect.

Roll Tide and thank you for all your support!