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Your RBR Word(s) of the Day: Dick Coffee

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Farewell to a University icon, Dick Coffee, the Superfan.

If Dick Coffee were immortal, he would watch this kid play every game through 2031.
If Dick Coffee were immortal, he would watch this kid play every game through 2031.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dick Coffee (Proper Noun/Adjective):

  • Long-lived Superfan of the University of Alabama football team.
  • Defining both perseverance and mania, one who attends every sporting event; spanning decades in reverance if not necessarily attendance.

781. That's the number of consecutive Alabama football games Dick Coffee attended before passing away two days ago at the spry age of 91. That is a huge number: There aren't 781 people who represent this nation of 300+ million in Congress. You probably haven't worked with 781 people in your life, much less are able to name 781 people. Hell, I don't even have 781 dollars in my checking account.

781 times in a row, Dick Coffee lined up at the gates of places like the old Copper Bowl, at Pasadena, saw Tulane --when they were a conference member, saw the rise, apex and fall of Bobby Bowden, suffered through every loss of the "Ears" Whitworth regime, saw every loss to Texas before finally getting redemption in 2009, saw every game of the best team without recognition in 1966, experienced every victory and defeat of the Bryant years. When Dick Coffee began his improbable streak as Freshman in 1946, Adolf Hitler had been dead for one year.

This man experienced over 65% of Alabama football history firsthand. His achievement, and others at USC and Nebraska, we won't see again. For that alone, he is now enshrined as an adjective in the RBR WoTD.

Sleep well, Dick, the Superfan.