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The Jumbo Package │06.24.13

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide and sports related links and quotes.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Game 7 of NBA Finals draws slightly better rating, fewer average viewers than Alabama-Notre Dame |

The Crimson Tide and Fighting Irish still edged Heat-Spurs in average viewers, as the January football game had an average audience of 26.38 million while the basketball game drew 26.31 million.

Many NBA pundits were calling game seven one of the greatest ever but once again football proved it is still king. The NBA had everything it needed to win over the hearts of sports fans and it still only narrowly beat out the 2013 BCS Title game and failed to capture as many viewers. Heck, the 2012 BCS title game drew a 11.5 rating, the 3rd lowest of the BCS era, while game seven drew a 15.3.

And if there were any doubts, the 2013 Super Bowl claimed a massive 48.1 rating.

Reports: Alabama WR signee Robert Foster set to enroll at UA |

One of Alabama's top signees in the class of 2013 is expected to be academically cleared in the coming days. Multiple recruiting websites are reporting that Monaca, Pennsylvania wide receiver Robert Foster, who signed with the Crimson Tide in February, is expected to be academically cleared by the NCAA sometime next week, allowing him to enroll for the university's second summer session.

Cross your fingers for good news this week. Foster has the raw ability to compete for starting time but given the depth of the Alabama receiving core there's a good chance he red shirts. Either way we'll need him in the years to come.

Notre Dame Cologne, Perfume To Be Developed, Sold To Fans

ND Gold Eau De Toilette for men and Lady Irish Eau De Parfum will be available this fall, with 3.4-ounce bottles expected to retail for $62, he said. "The University of Notre Dame's practice is to license fewer companies than most other universities, and we encourage our licensing partners to develop innovative products of high quality that are not commonly available in the marketplace," he said in an email.

Why would anyone want to smell like pretentiousness and consistent failure? And how does one bottle imaginary girlfriend? To be honest though, when I read the article the first thing that popped into my mind was this..

Oh, and if y'all were wondering what gump smells like, Alabama has their own scent too...

Clemson Tigers release video in Howard's Rock vandalism - ESPN

The rock's glass case was damaged and a chunk of it was broken off. Clemson football players rub the rock named for former football coach Frank Howard as they run down the stadium's hill before the start of every football game.

I know this is a bit old but I kind of laughed, again, at the thought of some rednecks trying to vandalize a ROCK.. Did they bring a sledge hammer? A chisel? Are we talking a large chunk or just a tiny morsel? It's a rock so how can you tell it was actually vandalized? Just replace the glass and no one would know the difference.. #Clempson

Alabama's becoming as much an unstoppable force as an immovable object (Scarbinsky) |

Give yourself a pat on the back, Nick Saban, for realizing that the game has changed too much to win championships following the old-school philosophy of Gene Stallings. The offensive renaissance at Alabama that began under McElwain in 2008 continued under Nussmeier last season.

Um, has Scarbinsky not been paying attention to Alabama's last three (four really) titles? Sure last year the offense had to bail the defense out a few times (LSU, UGA) but Alabama's identity is still defense first.

I agree that the 2013 offense has the potential of being one of the best units Alabama has ever seen but that doesn't change how Saban prepares to win championships. Saban knows not every game will be a shutout and the 2nd team is in the game midway through the 3rd. However, If he could figure out a way to win every game 14-0 don't you think he would?