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ICYMI: Devonta Pollard Withdraws from the University of Alabama

It's been a rough off-season for 'Bama hoops

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We are bit late on this (my fault) but as it was pointed out in the fanposts by Chuck Finley and was reported yesterday afternoon by, Devonta Pollard has withdrawn from school due to his ever growing legal situation.

Devonta has endured a very challenging time these past few months due to the legal issues involving him and his family," Grant said in the statement. "Our primary concern is and has always been his well-being and doing what is in his best interest. In light of the issues at hand, we felt it best to allow him the time he needed to focus solely on family without having to address his status as a student-athlete. In a recent meeting with Devonta, he informed me that he and his family have decided that he needs to withdraw from The University of Alabama so that he can be closer to his family during this difficult time. Devonta has my full support with his decision. It was a pleasure coaching him this past season.

"As this is an ongoing legal situation, I cannot comment further."

Obviously, this isn't good news for Pollard or 'Bama hoops. Unless a miracle happens, the 2013 'Bama basketball season may be un-watchable.

On a side note, Kentucky forward Kyle Wiltjer is exploring his transfer options. He isn't known for his defense but given Alabama's anemic roster situation, perhaps CAG should give him a call anyways.

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