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Alabama Crimson Tide Class of 2013 Eligibility Updates

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Of the 25 men signed to the Class of 2013 football team, all but three are enrolled in classes at the Capstone.

Robert Foster is ready to roll with the Tide.
Robert Foster is ready to roll with the Tide.

As reported by many news outlet earlier in the week, standout wide receiver Robert Foster was expected to be cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse allowing him to enroll for the University of Alabama's second summer session. Registration is July 2 and classes begin on July 3.

Cornerback Jonathan Cook has passed his summer courses and plans to enroll at Alabama for the July semester as well. Cook had to retake a class that he originally took in the ninth grade. At the time the NCAA accepted the class but now they do not accept it.

4-star defensive tackle Darius Paige did not make the required ACT score on his most recent attempt. He is also retaking an English class and seems to think it will help him become eligible this fall but that is yet to be seen. You may recall Paige transferred from a Pensacola high school to Foley before his senior year for academic reasons. Despite the controversy that ensued, he was easily ruled eligible by the Alabama High School Athletic Association and he had an outstanding senior season.