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"I Wish Today Was July 4th" Random 10

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Cause a three day weekend was be fantastic right about now.

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Y'all know the drill. Pull up your song list, hit shuffle and post the first random 10 songs that come up. NO CHEATING.

1. Temple of the Dog- Say Hello To Heaven

2. Nat King Cole- This Can't Be Love

3. Mumford and Sons- The Boxer

4. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals- Roses from My Friends

5. Alabama- Born Country

6. Massive Attack- Paradise Circus

7. David Crowder Band- All Around Me

8. Stretch Arm Strong- Try to Forget

9. John Butler Trio, Live from Red Rocks- Close to You

10. Grateful Dead- Attics Of My Life

Bonus: The Beatles- Day Tripper