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Georgia DT Johnny Dwight Commits to Alabama

The Crimson Tide once again plucks a gem out of the state of Georgia.

Coach Nick Saban bulks up the D-Line.
Coach Nick Saban bulks up the D-Line.
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Alabama concluded their first summer football camp and came out with another big man for the defensive line. Tuesday night, Wilcox County defensive tackle Johnny Dwight committed to Alabama becoming the team's ninth commitment for the class of 2014.

At a lean 6-3 and 295 lbs, Dwight was a top performer at the Alabama camp this week. The Rochelle, GA native is currently rated 3-stars by the major recruiting services but expect that rating to go up another star real soon. He was a bit of an unknown but Alabama, LSU, Clemson, and UNC knew about him - all of whom had offered him.

* I had trouble finding video on him. If you are really interested, check out this video of last season's semi-final playoff of Emanuel County. vs Wilcox County. Dwight is number 70 in blue and the opponent pretty much ran to whatever opposite side he lined up on. You can still see him pretty clearly in the video. He has good speed for such a big man and the power is there.

UPDATE: Someone finally put up some video of him. Again, look for #70 on the blue and white team. He plays defensive end and defensive tackle.