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The Jumbo Package │06.06.13

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide and college football related links and quotes

Say it ain't so Devonta...
Say it ain't so Devonta...
Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Grand jury indictment details Alabama basketball player Devonta Pollard's alleged role in kidnapping |

[Devonta] delivered tools and served as a driver for one of the six other suspects accused of orchestrating the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl, according to a grand jury indictment filed last week in a Mississippi U.S. District Court.

ROBERTA—First Lady of Southern Sports by Keith Dunnavant — Kickstarter

Keith Dunnavant is raising funds for ROBERTA—First Lady of Southern Sports on Kickstarter! A documentary film about a trailblazing female athlete who helped usher in a new age in collegiate sports

An interview with Art Briles, who's already two steps ahead of you -

SB Nation talked with Baylor head football coach Art Briles about everything from barbecue to NFL offenses and recruiting, but the most important thing to know is he can answer your questions before you ask them.

2013 SEC football previews, from the bottom to the top -

Can the nation's toughest football conference make it eight in a row? A look at each of the teams that'll have a chance this year to do it. Stay tuned here for a new team preview every weekday.

Cardinals QBs coach Freddie Kitchens recovering from surgery -

The team reported Wednesday that the doctors who did the surgery felt it went well and gave Kitchens a good prognosis. Arians said Kitchens was "not out of the woods" yet, but he did crack a joke in the hospital after the surgery.

Nick Saban advocates 10 BCS games per season as a route to 9 SEC games |

If he wants colleagues to vote for nine SEC games, should he propose playing 10? No, he said. He has a better idea. "We should all play 10 BCS games," Saban said. "So if everybody played 10 BCS games, we’d certainly play nine in the conference." His rational goes beyond preserving cross-divisional rivalries and boosting strength-of-schedule ratings. "It’s just an advantage of trying to schedule," Saban said. "You’d play home-and-home games."

One from JSU, two from Tide made Collegiate Baseball Freshman All-American Read more: Anniston Star

Alabama's Mikey White and Ray Castillo and Jacksonville State designated hitter Paschal Petrongolo were selected to the Collegiate Baseball Freshman All-America team.

SECond Look: Alabama takes unique approach in quarterback recruiting |

If a prospective quarterback wants to commit to playing for the Tide, he will first need to go to Tuscaloosa and throw some footballs for head coach Nick Saban. "I think it's a situation where Alabama is in a position to be able to do this," says Kennedy's "SECond Look" colleague Mike Herndon in the video. "And Nick Saban likes to see them in person and feels like he has a better chance to do that when they are on campus."

Longhorn Network makes playing Texas worthless: Just ask Ole Miss -

The University of Mississippi will get paid for the game, no doubt, but as a member of the opulent SEC, that's a footnote. The point of the game was and is national exposure, and the Rebels just got a taste of what sent Texas A&M into the neighborhood.