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What Is Alabama's Worst Sports "Disaster"?

Pain makes you stronger. Tears make you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser. And vodka makes you not remember any of that crap.

Lindsay Shaver, Flickr Creative Commons

Over the next week or so most, if not all, of the SBN SEC blogs will be asking the question, "What is ::insert SEC team:: worst sports disaster?" And then next week, over at Team Speed Kills, we all get to vote on which "disaster" ranks as the SEC's worst. Off-season problems, yo.

Why ask such a non-gump question? First off, it's the off-season and we still have a ways to go before real football is on our T.V.'s. Secondly, misery loves company.

And honestly, we've been doing a lot of fluff around here with the greatest this or the best that polls. And lawd have mercy we like to talk about our teams greatest memories to the tune of 2,000+ views and nearly 200 comments in just three days over a weekend. I think it's best that we take a step back and look at things from a different perspective.

To be completely honest, I could have just nominated my own choice for Alabama's worst sports disaster but I felt like it would be best to let you, the faithful RBR family, discuss that amongst yourselves. Once we've narrowed down our selections to a just a few (5-8 and god I hope there aren't more) we will all decide in the form of a poll later this week which is the worst.

There are a few guidelines we have to follow:

It has to be something your team, coach or program did. So, it can't be the NCAA taking action against your program, though I suppose the violation that started the whole thing could be a disaster. Aside from that, we're talking a terrible season, an awful coaching hire or a particularly dreadful game.

Most of us will probably point at Albert Means as Alabama's worst sports moment, and though it technically qualifies, without the Mean's debacle we probably are never in the position to hire Saban. So, is that really a disaster? Perhaps the better choice is the hiring of the man who was responsible for the NCAA nearly shutting down our program? How about the 2010 Iron Bowl? Antonio Langham's napkin?

Unfortunately, Alabama has more than a few to choose from and the ones I listed above are just from football. Are there any from other sports that are just as bad?