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Top Plays of the 2012 National Championship Season: Final Play Against UGA vs Lester INT Against Auburn

SEC Media Days start in just a few hours...We are officially on the home stretch


The Set-up: Round 1

These are what we here at RBR considered the "Top" 16 plays of the 2012 championship season. I'm sure there are some that I forgot to include, sorry (not sorry). The plays are listed 1-16 in a somewhat random order and is a single elimination contest.

Some Things To Consider..

This is purely an opinion poll and you are free to vote based on whatever criteria you deem worthy. It's about which play was your favorite. (But I swear if y'all pick a play just cause it was against Auburn I will burn this place to ground).

This is for funsies, you guys. Yes, we fully understand Alabama wins championships as a team blah blah blah. But we as fans are able to (or at least should be able to) look at individual moments during a season and claim one as "the greatest".


Robert Lester Interception Against Auburn

Beating your rival never gets old, destroying your rival 49-0 and doing so with 42 first half points is priceless. Literally every offensive play Alabama drew up looked like it was going for a touchdown and Auburn only had a few drives that resulted in yards gained. One of the plays that seemed to work for Auburn was a seem route, with the WR/TE finding the soft spot in the zone just behind the linebacker and in-front of the safeties.

On this play, on 3rd and 8, Alabama sends a safety blitz (both Sunseri and HaHa blitz) and Auburn's #81 C.J. Uzomah is left wide open down the left hash. This play isn't special because of the interception (I could have made the catch) but it shows the ineptitude of the Auburn offense. Even when they do something right, they found a way to do it oh so wrong.

Watch the play here

Final Play (Drive) of SEC Champ Game

Here's another play that needs no introduction. Outside of the Yeldon screen pass against LSU, no play better defined the 2012 season. Whether or not it's your favorite play is up to each Gump, but rest assured, it may be single most important play of the season.