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POLL: Which Alabama Disaster Is the Worst?

Pain makes you stronger. Tears make you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser. And vodka makes you not remember any of that crap.

On Monday I asked RBR to help me narrow down the worst sports disasters in Alabama's history for an upcoming SBN SEC Worst Disaster Poll. I'm honestly proud of the level headed approach y'all took to the subject. I don't think we got a single, "Alabamers nevah dun nuttin wrawng PAWWWWL" comment. So, good job at nothing showing your gump.

After reading through the comments I feel our worst moments are as follows:

Harvey Updyke

I don't use the word hate often, unless it's in regards to Tennessee, but I honestly can say I may actually hate Harvey Updyke. He has been nothing but a black eye to this fan base going on three years now. And because of him good, non tree killing Alabama fans get to be referred to as "Updykes". It may be 100 years before Alabama can rid itself of the damage to our good name he has done.

Dubose, Fran, Price, Shula

I'll give you 10,000 RBR dollars if you can name me a darker time in Alabama football history. From 2000-2006 Alabama had 52 wins, 17 of which were vacated and had a dismal 34 losses. (Final count of 35-34) Oh yeah, we also went 3-11 against Tennessee and Auburn. There were NCAA violations, sex scandals (times two), coaches lying and leaving for A&M, and IT'S ROLLING BABY. How does it get any worse?


The Entire 2000 Season

Perhaps all of 2001-2006 added together does not equal the pain of the 2000 season. What started out as a promising #3 preseason ranking, quickly turned into a Bear size (pun intended) nightmare.

  • Opening day loss to UCLA
  • 34-0 loss at home to Southern Miss.
  • Homecoming loss to UCF
  • 7-29 loss to Mississippi State
  • 0-9 loss to Auburn
  • 3-8
Thank you baby Jesus for Coach Saban and 2008 - present..

Albert Means

SEC Champs in 1999, 3-8 dumpster fire with a fired coach in 2000, under NCAA investigation for the recruitment of Albert Means in 2001. HOWDOYADO. I won't rehash the particulars involving the Means investigation but a disaster that largely led to the hiring and the departure of Fran, to Mike Price's short stent and eventually being left with Shula would be a fitting description, don't ya think?

The 2010 Iron Bowl

I had to add this to the list, if only to please the football gods. 2010 was a hard season for Alabama to bear and the Iron Bowl was just icing on the cake. Up 24-7 at half and with the hope of ending Auburn's dream season floating wistfully through Bryant Den... (I can't bring myself to finish this sentence)

Please vote for your choice for Alabama's worst sports disaster in the poll below. The poll will officially close next Tuesday at 10 AM.