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The Jumbo Package │07.22.13

Your Monday morning dose of Crimson Tide and sports related links and quotes

Wait, HOW MANY interceptions did Thomas throw last year?
Wait, HOW MANY interceptions did Thomas throw last year?

Alabama will start preseason camp on Aug. 2 |

The countdown to preseason camp is only 15 days away. The Crimson Tide will report for preseason practice in two weeks and will begin drills on Friday, Aug. 2.


We can make it, you guys. Just 11 more days. WE. CAN. MAKE. IT.

Florida Gators LB Antonio Morrison arrested for barking at police dog - ESPN Dallas

One of the men reportedly approached the patrol car and began barking at his police dog through the open window. The report said that caused the dog, named Bear, to bark back at the man, which Arnold says in his report diverted his attention from investigating the vehicle.

Talk about your dumb arrests. So, the guy made your dog upset and you arrested him? Must of been a FSU grad. Also, the dog's name was Bear, huh? The REC doing work.

Morrison has already been suspended for the first two game so the season but who wants to bet this will be knocked down to just one game by mid August?

'Everything's up for grabs' as Alabama heads into camp with rebuilt offensive line |

On multiple occasions Thursday, Alabama coach Nick Saban acknowledged that there were some "questions" on the Crimson Tide offensive line and listed the unit among his potential concerns, but stressed that the transition has gone "very well." "We have some very good skill players at wide receiver who have been very productive," Saban said. "So we may have a little different type of team."

Not that anyone is truly surprised by this but here's a little more insight into how the Bama staff plans on using the 25 WR's on the roster. I just don't see us, or this offensive line for that matter, being a ground and pound team. They just aren't built that way..(but god please no hurry up)

Alabama players, Nick Saban not ready to drum up hype for Texas A&M game just yet |

"We see it on TV every day that they beat us," right guard Anthony Steen said. "Virginia Tech comes first. Once that switch comes on for A&M, I promise you we're going to be pumped."

You've just been Saban'd.

Glad to see the team is taking Va Tech seriously, because it seems Logan Thomas is making bold predictions. I don't believe the Hokies are good enough to beat us man up, but if we look past them to A&M, the game could end up being much closer then we'd like. Of course, that could be a good thing as Saban is known to slap some sense into less than focused players.

Alabama coach Nick Saban to take ESPN 'Car Wash' tour Monday |

The Alabama coach will be one of eight from the SEC going through ESPN's "Car Wash" of TV, radio and Internet interviews Monday. This includes College Football Live, SportsCenter, First Take and Highly Questionable on television; ESPN Radio’s SVP & Russillo, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Coach and Company and SportsCenter Tonight on radio; and online chats and podcasts.

Y'all think the SEC planned this given the ACC Media Days also started this week?