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Roll Bama Roll Mailbag | 07.23.13

Roll Bama Roll offers answers to your submitted questions for all to discuss.

Dave Martin

Alright, folks. It is that time of the week again. Now that we don't have SEC Media Days preoccupying our attention, let's do another round of Roll Bama Roll mailbag.

As always, we remind you that this series is driven by you and your questions, so be sure to keep the questions coming. If you have any questions that you'd like to submit for future mailbags, just shoot us an email at Let us know if you'd like us to use your first name, username, or be anonymous.

Now on to the questions!


Can you give us a general update on the health status of our walking wounded? Is Dee Hart fully recovered and still mobile enough (with two knee surgeries) to return kicks? How about Fowler? Is Jalston ready to rumble? Will D. Henry be recovered fully to start the season or will he be nursed into action? Are Bell and White recovered enough to see significant playing time at receiver? Will any of these players be limited in fall drills and therefore have a slow start to their season? Are there any other significant injuries that the team is facing? - Dukeman

Let's just hit these in list form, detailing each player's status last time we saw them, and our projections of their health as camps start in a couple weeks:

  • Dee Hart (knee) was out of the no-contact jersey on A-day. Should be perfectly healthy for returning kicks barring another injury.

  • Jalston Fowler (knee) was in a no-contact jersey on A-day. Every indication is that Jalston will be fully ready to go when camp starts in a couple weeks.

  • Derrick Henry (fibula) last time we saw him was never, but it sounds like Henry is healthy and ready to compete for the backup running back position.

  • Kenny Bell/DeAndrew White both players have recovered from their leg injuries. Both played without no-contact jerseys in the A-day game, and should be ready to go for fall camp.

  • Other notable injuries: Trey DePriest (broken foot) and Xzavier Dickson (patella). DePriest has been healthy for a couple of months. Dickson should be 100% for the start of fall camp.


I was left confused by a recent discussion in a comments thread about what the holder can and cannot do on a fake FG. I.e., can he run, lateral, pass? Does he have to get his knee off the ground before any or all of these? - dw64

First off, here's the link to the NCAA rule book. Now, here's the rule pertinent to the question:

Rule 4-1-3b: When any part of the ball carrier’s body, except his hand or foot, touches the ground or when the ball carrier is tackled or otherwise falls and loses possession of the ball as he contacts the ground with any part of his body, except his hand or foot [Exception: The ball remains alive when an offensive player has simulated a kick or at the snap is in position to kick the ball held for a place kick by a teammate. The ball may be kicked, passed or advanced by rule]

I've added the emphasis there. The answer to your questions, is "D: all of the above". The holder can do any of those things, provided someone is in formation such that they could kick the ball at the snap. Further, the holder does not have to get his knee off the ground before he's eligible to pass or lateral the ball. I can't recall that I've ever seen a play where a holder actually attempts a forward pass from his knee, since that would be pretty difficult for anybody, but it is theoretically possible at least.


Are the major stadiums 'finished'? Will Bryant-Denny forever be at 101,000 (give or take a remodeling here or there)? After 20 years of fairly rapid expansion, it's somewhat hard to believe that's it. But it's also hard to envision anything else being added. - CarrotTop4

I can't find anything that would indicate that there are any plans for further expansion of Bryant Denny stadium. Structurally, I can't see how capacity could be increased at this point. Anybody that has sat in the upper decks knows that you couldn't reasonably increase the pitch, as it's already fairly steep, and there just isn't anywhere else to add more seating space. I think it is much more likely that we'll actually start to see a bit of stadium contraction, with seats being removed to allow for increased premium box seating. For the most important fans of all...

 photo dolla-dolla-bills-yall_o_GIFSoup_com-1.gif


Well, that will wrap up this week's Roll Bama Roll mailbag. Feel free to give your responses in the comments and/or let me know why I'm completely right/wrong about my responses. And remember to send in your questions for future editions of Roll Bama Roll mailbag to