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The Jumbo Package | 07.24.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

[falsetto] Goodbe, my lover.  Goodbye, my friend.
[falsetto] Goodbe, my lover. Goodbye, my friend.
Chris Graythen

Sorry for the late start, everybody. Let's kick off this intra-network/cross-promotion heavy edition of the Jumbo Package.

Cry Me a River, Nick Saban | Sea of Blue

His defense and his players have not had to depend on the starters carrying the burden of success for the team, they're just in the "next man up!" philosophy with the bench to carry it out. I'm not trying to slight Saban at all, I admire him more than most non-Bama fans and think -- the man is a pure genius. But the up-temp offensive game is a chink in his armor that needs to be exploited, not covered up with new rules.

Hey, I don't think that we've talked at all about the hurry up no huddle and its impact on the game. We should hash that out here sometime.

Canes Gators Hype, Four ACC vs SEC Showdowns for Supremacy | State of the U

Virginia Tech vs Alabama (in Atlanta)

I won't lie to my fellow ACC fans. This game will likely be ugly.

Guys. GUYS. Football is- GUYS. Football is like a month away. It's just about time to start breaking the game down in detail, but SPOILER ALERT: we're going to win the first game by, like, a lot..

Notre Dame's National Championship Shirts Emerge

Alabama's Crimson Commitment | Southern Pigskin

"When I first met Coach Saban, we were sitting in his office and talking," former Alabama tight end Colin Peek explained on the Southern Pigskin Radio Network. "I think this is the most resounding statement as to why Alabama is so good. He said, 'there are two pains in life, Colin. There is the pain of disappointment and the pain of discipline. If you can handle the pain of discipline, you will never have to handle the pain of disappointment'. That is why Alabama is good. Because we know how to handle the pain of discipline."

This is a well written piece (if a bit puffy, but hey, it's the offseason). The quote above is what jumped out at me. DISIPLINE. .

Gamecocks looking into potential Clowney-Jay Z relationship

Gamecock assistant athletic director for media relations Steve Fink confirmed to that the school is examining a potential relationship between Jadeveon Clowney and none other than hip-hop mogul Jay Z and his quickly expanding Roc Nation Sports agency.

Fink called the investigation "standard operating procedure."

Let's say hypothetically that Clowney took some money. He'd still be fine, because nobody would be up for telling him the bad news. The reality is there is no story here. Clowney is an almost certain first overall pick for the next draft, and he's talking to agents. So is every other first rounder out there. It's not against the rules for him to be talking to these guys as long as he avoids taking money.

Say goodbye to the crystal football; BCS symbol will not be retained | CBS Sports

College Football Playoff officials will not retain the iconic crystal trophy to present to the national champion beginning next season, CFP executive director Bill Hancock told

"We're going to have a new trophy," Hancock said.

Pour a little out for the trophies that ain't here no more. I'm pretty bummed about this. The crystal football has been presented every year since 1986 (aka - as long as I've been alive) and I am going to miss it terribly. I think this is a monumental mistake that is the result of a knee jerk overreaction to the desire to distance college football from anything resembling the old BCS. In my opinion, the crystal football was one of the very best trophies in all of sports. There's no way they are going to top it, and we're instead going to have to be satisfied watching Bama hoist some derivative hunk of metal every year.