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Top Plays of the 2012 National Championship Season: Dee Milliner INT vs Barrett Pushes AJ

Camp starts next Friday.

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The Set-up: Round 1

These are what we here at RBR considered the "Top" 16 plays of the 2012 championship season. I'm sure there are some that I forgot to include, sorry (not sorry). The plays are listed 1-16 in a somewhat random order and is a single elimination contest.

Some Things To Consider..

This is purely an opinion poll and you are free to vote based on whatever criteria you deem worthy. It's about which play was your favorite. (But I swear if y'all pick a play just cause it was against Auburn I will burn this place to ground).

This is for funsies, you guys. Yes, we fully understand Alabama wins championships as a team blah blah blah. But we as fans are able to (or at least should be able to) look at individual moments during a season and claim one as "the greatest".


Dee Milliner Interception Against Michigan

This is hands down one of my favorite plays from 2012. Each time I can't help but laugh as Dee throws a 200+ man to the turf like a rag doll. Also, watching how amp'd the entire defense was after the play made me believe 2012 could be special.

Barrett Jones Pushes AJ McCarron

Most people outside of the Alabama fan base probably think ill of this rather odd moment in Crimson Tide history. 'Bama fans however feel it epitomizes the Process we've all come to love — Play to a standard and do your job, every play.

Sure, I could have gone without watching our senior, All-Everything center turn around and shove his QB just moments before they would hoist yet another Crystal football but it in the end, it showed why Alabama is Alabama..The game is over, we are going to win yet our players never let up and still play with a competitive edge.

Roll Tide, indeed.