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The Jumbo Package │07.30.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

Uncool guys, uncool.
Uncool guys, uncool.
Sam Greenwood

Not that many earth shattering stories around the world of college football but here's what I was able to find. If you come across any interesting articles throughout the day (CT4) feel free to post them in the comments.

What Was the Biggest Disaster in SEC History? - Team Speed Kills

Dooley presided over the worst defense (by far) in school history. He presided over the tied-for-worst SEC record in school history. He presided over the other tied-for-worst SEC record in school history. When he took over, Tennessee was competing with Georgia and South Carolina for second in the SEC East (and generally fairing pretty well). In this first summer following his tenure, nobody, not even Vols fans, are mentioning UT in the same breath as those two. Tennessee was picked 5th in the SEC East preseason polls, and one of our staff members is claiming without a hint of irony that Vanderbilt is the most important game on the Vols' schedule.

NLS may yell at me for this but how does Tennessee claim Dooley as their worst disaster when Kiffinkins was clearly the main reason for UT's demise? Throwing everything on one man, who like Mike Shula, was never qualified for the job in the first place, all the while ignoring the impact of the Kiffin hiring is short sided IMO. At least we included the entire stretch of Debose, Fran, Price and Shula..They just chose to completely ignore the elephant in the room.

Requirements for University of Alabama student away game tickets unfair, some students say |

UA's Ticketing Office announced last week that undergraduate students needed 119 credit hours -- not counting transfer credits from other institutions -- under their belts by the end of the spring 2013 semester to be eligible for tickets to the College Station game. The university requires 120 credit hours to graduate. Rising seniors who have taken 18-hour semesters during their first three years would only have 108 hours going into the fall semester.

I'll let those who have a vested interest voice their own opinion in the comments. To me, this is unfair but I'm sure some will disagree.

Alabama Fall Camp Preview: DEFENSIVE LINE |

Nose guards: Replacing Williams is no easy chore, but junior Brandon Ivory earned valuable experience last season. The 6-foot-4, 310-pound nose tackle has played in 17 career games, including 13 in 2012. Last season he registered 22 tackles, including one tackle for loss, a quarterback hurry and a fumble recovery.

Nose tackle is my biggest concern for the defense moving forward. In 2010 the defense was trying to replace Terrence Cody and our run defense went from averaging just 79 yards per game in 2009 to 110. It should be noted that each year Alabama has won a National Championship under Saban our defense held offenses to sub 80 rushing yards per game. (The outlier is 2008 at 74 ypg)

You may say that an additional 30 yards per game is not that huge a jump but that's only until you notice that in 2010 we were also giving up 3.23 yards on 1st down and 3.83 yards on 2nd. Saban preaches that you stop the run on 1st and 2nd down from the inside out and force offenses into predictable passing situations on 3rd. Well, 3rd and 3 isn't exactly a predictable down and distance, now is it?

I get it, 2013 is not 2010, but we are once again looking to replace a nearly immovable object in Jessie Williams. Can the tandem of Ivory and Lake replace the productivity of one man? We'll soon find out.

HUNH Offense--Macro Analysis on Impact to Defenses - Shakin The Southland

Barrett Jones starts camp on NFI list | National Football Post

Former Alabama QB Phillip Sims lands at his 3rd school, Division II power Winston-Salem State |

How The SEC Became The Most Successful Organization In College Sports History - Forbes

Healthy and confident, former Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick impressing at Bengals training camp |