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Top Plays of the 2012 National Title Season: Yeldon's Screen vs Eddie Lacy

Kevin C. Cox

The Set-up: Elite 8

We have narrowed down the field of 16 and the remaining eight plays should surprise no one. Gotta say, the first round was a bit of a snore fest but there appears a chance for an upset in round two.

Some Things To Consider..

This is purely an opinion poll and you are free to vote based on whatever criteria you deem worthy. It's about which play was your favorite. (But I swear if y'all pick a play just cause it was against Auburn I will burn this place to ground).

This is for funsies, you guys. Yes, we fully understand Alabama wins championships as a team blah blah blah. But we as fans are able to look (or at least should be able to) at individual moments during a season and claim one as "the greatest".


Yeldon Screen Pass Against LSU


Eddie Lacy Run Against UGA

Exact run is at the 2 min mark...but they are all fantastic