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Your RBR Word of the Day: Surcease

The lonely bridge walk to Campus.
The lonely bridge walk to Campus.

sur·cease (sər-sēs)

intransitive verb

1. to desist from action

2. to come to an end.

transitive verb

1. to put an end to

It is nigh time that God, Yahweh, Zeus, the Norns or just old-fashioned good luck make surcease of student deaths. Another day, another young man. This time, MississippiState entering freshman walk-on, Mitchell Maxwell was found dead, in his Murfreesboro home. Details have not been released, and we will not speculate here. However, a surcease of teenagers ripped from this Earth would be a nice off-season gift.

Fuhrmeister’s SBN piece, includes this paragraph which breaks my heart every time I read it:

"We were moving him in to MississippiState on Monday morning, so he could start classes and walk on to the football team," said Austin Maxwell, Mitchell's father. "He was already enrolled. I was going to help him move into the dorm in a few days."


Pitching a Shut Out in Starkville - Alabama - Mississippi State Football 2009 (via bandman12)

Mitchell Maxwell will not be finishing his packing, nor will he be meeting a roommate in cramped dorm. Mitchell Maxwell will not be scout team fodder, nor will he try to make himself and his family proud by earning a scholarship and completing his education. Mitchell Maxwell won’t hear the 60,000 cheers punctuated by the clanking cowbells in Davis-Wade stadium. Every moment of Mitchell Maxwell’s life has now been measured, and it has drawn to a close.

On behalf of RBR we send our thoughts and condolences to the Maxwell family, his friends, and the entire MississippiState community.