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Monday Musings: Really, Brando?

One man's opinion on recent events, Bama sports, and various nonsense.

The new troll-face?
The new troll-face?

On Sunday, CBS host and troll extraordinaire Tim Brando revealed his top ten picks for the upcoming college football season. Fans of the Crimson Tide will undoubtedly remember Brando openly campaigning for Quinton Dial to be suspended from the BCS National Championship game. Should Bama pull off the unprecedented BCS three-peat, Mr. Brando can rest assured that he will hear all about how he pegged Bama #3 in the SEC and #7 in the nation coming off back-to-back titles. Your daughter may forgive you but we hold grudges, Tim...

... On the flip side, check out this piece about Johnny Manziel's Heisman chances from Lenn Robbins of the New York Post. Yeah, I'm sick of Johnny too, but it's worth a read if only for this gem. I think I like Mr. Robbins:

Manziel made himself a Heisman Trophy frontrunner last season when he led the Aggies to a 27-21 upset of the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa. This season the Aggies will host Alabama on Sept. 14 in what will be the most hyped game in the modern era of Texas A&M football.

On that day, a focused Alabama team will remove a distracted Manziel from Heisman consideration.

Mr. Robbins, you have just earned yourself an honorary Gump card...

... UGA fans, take note- you finally won something. In what must have been a totally scientific study, it has been determined that the Dawgs have the best fans in the conference, narrowly edging out Bama nation. Not clear at this point whether it's the perpetual state of delusion, whining about officials, or claiming that the Athens PD picks on football players that pushed them over the top. Would be interesting to see who your favorite fanbase is (outside of Bama, of course.) Sounds like a poll...

... I have to wonder what the final line will be before Alabama kicks off against Virginia Tech in 19 days(!). The Hokies have had a rather hellish offseason, losing seven scholarship players for the season opener including prominent RB Michael Holmes, who was kicked off the team after pleading to a misdemeanor assault and battery charge (cough, Jeremy Hill, cough), and top CB Antoine Exum who injured his knee playing pickup basketball and was recently ruled out for the Bama game. To top it all off, another potential starter at CB is apparently considering a transfer. Time will tell, but I'm starting to think this game might not be much of a warm up for our guys.

Have a great week, everyone. Roll Tide.