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Alabama Football 2013: The Jumbo Package Welcomes Two New Staff Writers to RBR │08.12.13

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Fowler back in action, ready for role at H-back |

So it comes as no surprise to those who know Fowler, known as "Nudie" to friends and teammates, that he would see his role increase in this year’s offense. It’s a role he’s been begging for. "I used to tell the quarterbacks all the time, ‘Tell Coach to let me play H. Just let me play H-back, man,’" Fowler said. "It was something that I did in high school, so I was used to it. I’ve been doing it all my life."

Fowler seems more than eager to assert himself on SEC defenses and that makes me happy. I know we've all mentioned this before, but for me, Fowler may be the player I'm most look forward to seeing on the field this season.

10 questions with veteran Alabama defensive back Vinnie Sunseri |

Q. What areas need work in the secondary? A. Every aspect. I mean, it's called camp for a reason. Everybody's got to focus on them and then, at the same time, focus in on everybody else. If we don't communicate, then we're not going to have the right formations and the right recognition back there. Having everybody back there and on the same page is something we really need to focus on -- having the right technique and doing the little things right.

There's a reason Sunseri will be the starter for Va Tech and it's probably not because he's the most talented — he's a leader.

Saban loves guys who give full effort, who play with mental toughness and know what to do, every time. Remember when Hightower went down in '09 and we all thought Nico Johnson would be the guy to fill his shoes yet Saban went with Cory Reamer all the way through the National Championship game?

Yeah, I see Sunseri being that kind of player this year.

C.J. Mosley making sure 'everybody is focused on Alabama football and getting our defense right' |

"To start camp off, you always start from the bottom up," he said. "Make sure everybody is focused on Alabama football and getting our defense right. Making sure everybody learns the calls before we start worrying about the rest of the season. "As a whole, we're all connecting with Reuben and Walker to make sure they're doing what they have to do to be productive on the field. So we just have to be sure we have their back and know what to do."

On the flip side you have a guy in C.J. who is not only a leader but also a tremendous talent at linebacker. I feel confident with guys like Mosley, Sunseri, Ha Ha, DePriest, and Hubbard that leadership won't be a problem this season.


Player Profile You Should Know- Ryan Anderson

Alabama's Talley wins U.S. Women's Amateur |

More attrition at Virginia Tech; 3 off team, another mulling future with opener vs. Alabama looming |

San Diego newspaper goes in-depth with D.J. Fluker about rough upbringing, promising future (link) |

Welcome the new guys!

You may have noticed that we have added two new Staff Writers to the RBR team. Ricky Muncie who provided a very insightful post on John Manziel and Gumpin On Saturdays who gave us a rather in-depth preview of the 2013 Alabama defense.

This goes to show how powerful a well thought out Fanpost can be because you never know, maybe you could be a writer for RBR too.

Let's get to the know guys a little better-

Ricky Muncie is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, lovingly ensconced in a flour tortilla and dashed with cinnamon.

Before his stint shucking ads at the Knoxville Nickel Trader, Ricky spent more than a decade in television news, with occasional duty shooting college football games and producing coverage. He's been on hand for some of Bama's big ones, and a couple of the ignominious losses.
These days he plays on the internet, and writes things for fun. Roll 'Bama Roll met his lofty price point.
You'll see more of his observation in action as he live-tweets games as @CrimsonCaravan.

Gumpin On Saturdays aka "GOS" is a relative new comer to Roll 'Bama Roll but his knowledge of football and his understanding of X's and O's will provide a depth to RBR like the site has maybe never seen before. Look for him to break down opposing offense and defenses, while also providing 'Bama specific film review and player profiles.

Please give GOS and Ricky a warm welcome and Roll Tide.