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The Jumbo Package │08.13.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide and SEC related links and quotes.

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Alabama practice report: Brandon Greene moves to tight end, O-line tweaks rotation |

Some moves among first-teamers could be in the works for the offensive line. When the group split into "left side" and "right side" players, Arie Kouandjio, who had been working as a first-team left guard, went with the "right side" players while Austin Shepherd, who was previously at right tackle, went with the "left side" group. -- Of note, redshirt freshman Alphonse Taylor was with the "right side" guys. We'd been seeing him with the left guards during the spring and the first week of camp.

Brandon Greene at Y-Back seems like nothing more than an experiment and the staff trying to develop some depth at that position. Everything we've heard about Greene is that the staff expects him to play Left Tackle in the future. Additionally, I personally don't believe this is a sign that Fanning isn't working out at that the Y (I do believe it's been longer than 5 days) but again about building quality depth.

As for the Offensive Line moves — This could be taken several different ways and I don't really want to speculate on the impact of the moves until we see a few more practices. Saban mentioned in his post scrimmage press conference that they "needed to get the right guys in the right spot". I take these moves as Cristobal doing exactly that.

Alabama practice report: AJ McCarron looks fine, but Amari Cooper is on the sidelines |

The big news is that Amari Cooper is watching drills from the sidelines, but the sophomore wide receiver is not wearing a black jersey. He was the star of the scrimmage, catching four passes for 182 yards and three touchdowns (75 yards, 60 yards and 39 yards). He still has some tape on one hand, but we don’t see evidence of any other problem

Big news? Really? How many posters started to drink heavily after reading this? Maybe he was just banged up and needed a rest? Maybe, and just maybe, it's absolutely nothing and reporters are just looking for cilcks? (well, it worked)

Seeds for Kiehl Frazier's move from quarterback to safety planted before Monday's announcement at Auburn |

The former four-star quarterback played the position in high school, and after struggling and battling "mental stress" in his five games as a starter in 2012, he didn't quite know if he was quite ready to compete again for the starting job. The junior stepped back and contemplated the potential move, and ultimately decided to give quarterback another shot.

Insert Frazier will be a good Safety cause he's good at throwing INT's jokes HERE:

But seriously, all the reports I have read by Auburn folks is that his confidence was ruined by the coaching staff last year and that this isn't at all a surprise. He should actually make a decent safety due to his size and athleticism and I wouldn't at all be shocked if he wins the starting job.

Texas A&M Aggies QB Johnny Manziel signed at two more sessions - sources - ESPN

The Freistat signings, combined with four sessions previously reported by "Outside the Lines," would make six signings for three brokers in three states in less than a month for Manziel. Sources said he signed his name more than 4,400 times. The NCAA is investigating whether any of the autographs violate NCAA by-laws.

The plot thickens and A&M bloggers continue to pass this off as no big deal. I feel some kind of report, leak or news by the NCAA or the A&M Athletic Department will be coming out in the next week. No way they let this drag out in to the first game of the season.

My gut says he's cleared by the NCAA...

SEC Two-Deep Talent: Offense - Team Speed Kills

It shouldn't be a surprise that Alabama is at the top. It might surprise some folks, however, that Auburn and Florida are at Nos. 2 and 3. Didn't they have dreadful offenses last year? What gives?

Auburn at #2 doesn't surprise me in the least. Chizik actually did a decent job recruiting skill players and Gus backed that up a bit in his first recruiting class. The question for Auburn is on defense.

Florida was putrid on offense last year cause they had ZERO passing game. If you remember, they ran the ball well (39th rushing offense) but couldn't throw it worth a lick (114th passing offense). It was their defense that kept them in games.

Like Auburn, I feel UF will struggle on defense in 2013 which will lead to 3-4 losses.


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