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Your RBR Word of the Day: Penultimate

Damn good Dawgs...
Damn good Dawgs...
Kevin C. Cox

Ed. Note: This is easily one of the most incorrectly used words in the English language. Let's get this down cold, shall we.

penultimate /pe-nəl-tə-mit/ adj

  1. Last but one in a series of things;
  2. Second last

Last year's penultimate game, the 2012 SEC Championship, was also the game of the year. On a related note, this is the penultimate weekend before our beloved Crimson Tide (and a bunch of other clowns) begin their season.

Gump hard, my friends, as you enjoy a replay of said 2012 SECCG against an excellent Georgia squad that was one play away from a National Title appearance.