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RBR Sweetheart Battle Royale: Round Two

I don't want to talk football for a little while, you guys.


After roughly 1400 votes we have a top six, ladies and gents. I know I said we'd narrow it down to just four but the numbers were so close that trimming to six seemed more fair.

For our RBR newbs, if you are wondering what these overgrown primates are doing voting on some random list of attractive this and this

For those of you already familiar with this process let's move on to the business of the day.

Your Roll 'Bama Roll Sweetheart Top Six

Olivia Munn
Emily Vancamp
Yvonne Strahovski
Kaley Cuoco
Nina Dobrev

and write-in candidate

Rachel Bilson (Roll Tide)

Note: Due to some voting irregularities all of Anna Kendrick's votes were some how lost.... /Todd'd