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2013 Alabama Football Hype Videos ; AKA Hoodoo Friday

This coming Monday marks the first game week of the 2013 Alabama football season. Are you ready?

As we make our way into yet another football season it's important to properly prepare ourselves for the four months of libations, tailgating, screaming, hollering, and all around Roll Tiding. Hopefully, you've spent this off-season training your body (and mind) for the grueling task at hand. And as any seasoned Vet will tell you, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Hoodoo Friday

For the RBR newbs among us, Hoodoo Friday, like the RBR Sweetheart, is a tradition that dates back to 2006 and is directly responsible for the last three 'Bama national titles. It's science...

note: this is all in good fun and in no way am I (or anyone else) sacrificing our souls to mythical gods..

That said, the football gods are real and here's how it works...

Every Friday we offer up sacrifices to the football gods in the form of the RBR Sweetheart, our own personal embarrassing admissions and/or pledges to do awful things to our bodies (eating nasty food, reading horrible books, watching twilight movies etc).

And as your faithful leader it is my responsibility to not only lead this charge but also cause the greatest harm to my spirit and body. Below you will find a list of things I am wiling to subject myself to for the betterment of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Choose wisely as it will have a tremendous amount of effect on the outcome of the season.. (before you vote read the comments)

For my first official sacrifice of the season, I offer up these Alabama hype videos to the football gods and ask for their protection over our players and guidance on our way to a 16th national title.


Pissed Off For Greatness


The Dynasty Continues

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